Met a fellow tPF'er while out shopping.

  1. I was at Macy's Beverly Center shopping with my mother and of course I had my dog with me (in his doggy stroller) A girl comes up to me and asked me if I am on tPF. It was Superstar!!!! I was like YEAH!!!!!! She said she recognized my dog from all my posts. We ended up talking for probably almost an hour. She is so nice. I love meeting other tPF'ers. I love this place. Because of tPF I have met and become good friends with quite a few people.
  2. How fun! I wish there was some secret sign to help us identify other members (maybe I SHOULD get one of those keychains). Not that I think there are more than a handful near me- Richmond is not known for its style fanatics.

    And your dog IS cute- was he/she wearing the superman outfit? lol!
  3. that is so cool! Its such a smallworld isnt it?
  4. Awwwe, I wish I could meet someone off here too!!
  5. Awwww! You are so lucky!

    I am yet to still meet a fellow tpf'er :drinkup:
  6. Oh wow, that's great! And so funny she recognized your dog, instead of you, your bag or something like that!

    You have the cutest dog, BTW!
  7. That's so cool! I'm still waiting to be approached by a TPFer and I use my keychain weekly on my purses
  8. lol that's so cute she recognized your dog!!
  9. great story!

    every time i'm out shopping and i see someone with a nice LV purse I'm always like, "hmm.. i wonder if she's on tPF?" lol
  10. Wow, that's sooooooo cool. I haven't bumped into anyone, had an eagle eye out for the keychains Twink made for us.

    Maybe soon...
  11. That's great! Personally, I'd love t meet some Hong Kong tPFers!
  12. cool! I would love to meet a tPFer out!
  13. What is this keychain, what does it look like and where can I get it? I think a bumper sticker would be a good idea, too.
  14. Great story ! Thanks for sharing !
  15. Great story! I'd be too shy to meet a tpfer.