Met ~*3*~ PF'rs for shopping at SCP! So Fun!!

  1. Hey all!
    What a great day yesterday!:nuts: Myself, Irishgal, Taco and Lelgin met for a great afternoon of shopping and lunch at South Coast Plaza! What a super group of girls!!:heart: After eating at Quatro Cafe which Irishgal suggested and was super yummy, we hit LV,(which Taco knows every piece in and out, *AMAZING*!) Herems (will let Lelgin in on her adorable purchase), Chanel (I bought some great sunnies) Chloe and lots of other great stores! I look forward to doing it again soon! Thanks ladies it was a BLAST!!:yahoo:
  2. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing!
  3. How fab - sounds like you had a great time - so jealous!!!! Is there any pics???
  4. Sounds like fun !!!I wished I could get together with San Diegan..
    did you guy take some pics??
  5. Sorry girls no pics. this time. Maybe next. We were having so much fun, we didnt even think about it:wlae:
  6. Sounds like you had so much fun! I miss SCP ... there were so many beautiful bags there, so much I wanted to buy. I guess I'll have to wait till next year:crybaby:, I definitely need to start saving now.
  7. Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing.
  8. OMG! What a funnnnn group!!! You all are some of my favorite girls!!
  9. You must meet up with us next time. I'm sure we could figure out a way!! We would so love for you to join us!!;)
  10. hehehe! Well, I'll start hitch-hiking from NorCal right now.
  11. We did have a fantastic time. Thanks to Ranskimmie for organizing it:drinks:
  12. oh how fun!!! I'm so jealous! I met up w/ KathyD again this week, would love to meet more of y'all!
  13. aww yay! that sounds like good times, glad to hear it was so much fun!
  14. <makes little whiny sound in throat> ENVY!:yes: :wlae:

  15. :nuts: Now that could make for a very interresting follow up thread!:shocked: :lol: