Messing with my Mind?

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  1. OMG this freaked me

    But now i got it.. At first i saw it going anti-clockwise.. then all of a sudden it changed clock-wise....
    now i can control my brain to make it go anti-clockwise and clockwise switching it anytime...
  2. ^^ Me too. I usually fail these things and can't figure them out, but the focusing part on this really seemed to work. :confused1: <--- now as to WHY this is??
  3. It's only going clockwise for me!
  4. Am I the only one that is seeing it only going clockwise? I'm trying to make her go the other way, but I just can't see it! lol
  5. got it to switch, at first clockwise only...finally got it to switch,

    Try turning your head to the right and read the texy, only using your side vision to catch the image...that's what worked for me :smile:
  6. LOL. My bf just showed me this lastnight. It was totally freaking me out. Well for me at first it was going clockwise. I looked again and it was going counter-clockwise. Weird.

  7. exactly the same to me ! now i dont have a clue what it means lol
  8. Cool, I got it turn both ways. I focussed on the shadow of her feet and thought about it going the other way.

    Maybe I'm a Jedi?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.