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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a Mulberry messenger bag. I want it to be as practical as possible since I'm gonna use it in school and such. I also think a zipper is required. I like this messenger but I can't find it on their site and I don't know the price and I don't think it has a zipper (do any of the mulberry messenger bags have zippers?). Any recommendations? Thanks a lot! By the way, is it possible to change the strap to a leather one?
  2. mulberry seth perhaps x
  3. You can buy replacement straps direct from Mulberry. The leather straps are £90, I think.

    The bag in your photo doesn't look like it's from the last few seasons, which is as long as I've been into Mulberry. So it won't be on the site at the moment. If it's on eBay, ask the seller for more photos and see if it has a zipper.
  4. Hi. I have recently purchased a 2nd hand seth bag, which has a zip top & the small outside pocket with postmans lock. I love it! But although it's big, it's flat so doesn't hold a vast amount, it may not be big enough for you. The strap is fabric not leather, which I thought would bother me, but it doesn't. It's very comfortable to wear. I going to post some pics soon, when i get around to it!! Good luck:yes:
  5. Hi. That looks like a Danson to me (scotch grain). It is a really great bag: it has two big pockets on the front and one smaller inside. I doesn't have a zipper though.

    Sorry, readíng some older threads... Mainly looking at pics now that I have registered ;).

    Post Quick Reply....?...New here...Let's see if I managed to do this right :thinking:
  6. What about looking at the Men's bags on the website? There are some nice larger messengers on there.