Messenger version of the Effie bag - Rockley?

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  1. Hello ladies, was just wondering what the name for this bag is?

    It has been listed as an effie messenger so im confused because

    it isnt the Effie:

    and it isnt the Rockley:

    and ive added a pic of the Brooke as its from the same family of bags:

    So does anyone know what the bag listed on ebay as an effie messenger is?:shrugs:

    Also, can a longer strap be attached to the Effie to make it messenger style? I hope no one minds me borrowing their modelling pics, I needed them for size reference:smile:
  2. The zip pockets are totally throwing me off....could it be a sample that perhaps went to an outlet but was never produced?
  3. I have two Effies - one chocolate and one oak. I also have chocolate Annabel which is small messeger bag. I don't remember which collection Annabel is from since I have bought it used.

    Well, the point is that the Annabel shoulder stap fits fine with Effie and I have used it several times. It is very handy worn in messenger style and carries lots of stuff.

    I hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for the info! :tup:

    I really am feeling the need for an effie now and feel it wouldnt be spur of the moment purchase as I have been considering it for about 6 months or so! I have considered choosing between an oak blenhiem, oak effie or oak bays and I think im happy with the thought of having an effie.. I feel the need for an oak darwin bag toi complete the collection

    Also a plus would be that id also be able to wear it messenger style:yahoo:ok i just need to find one now...:rolleyes: there was a gorgeous darkened one on ebay a few weeks ago should have bid for it then!

    Can I have some enabling please?:graucho:
  5. Here´s a pic with Effie beside Rockley. They really are big brother and little sister IMO. ;)

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  6. Effie is a great bag. I have her in oak and she is a perfect size for me everyday as I like a shoulder bag for shopping etc. Side pockets are useful and she is really easy to get in and out of. I love mine.

    You can't use her as a messenger though because the strap does come off but the buckle is attached to the bag, if you see what i mean - there is no D ring so I don't know how you would attach a messenger strap without it looking weird. Does that make sense? You can sort of see what I mean in the original pic of mymlan wearing her effie.
  7. Just looked again at the ebay one, it's really strange, as well as not having effie side pockets, the front buckles aren't effie either, they're more like a Roxanne or Rosy.
  8. i am sure i saw something like this ar cOaks ans sm before xmas and after for around £197. i was tempted
  9. Its listed today as a Redford, stating not many were made!:smile:
  10. listing has gone now?!
  11. I love the look of the rockley, now i have that itch again, i have to see if i can find one:graucho:
  12. Rockley is very handsome!

    Though she's smaller, Effie CAN be used as a messenger if you get a strap that has holes punched at each end. Following leads from kind tPFers I got one off eBay that does very well on my black Effie.
  13. Many thanks for your advice, much appreciated