Messenger style bags?

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  1. I am hoping you can help me. I love messenger style bags but there doesn't seem to be a lot of designer choices for this style. Can you suggest what brand I should check out? Prefer $1000 or less, leather, non-logo and medium sized.

    Thank you for your help!! :rochard:
  2. have a look at at mens messenger bags. i have the Antony (unisex) and love it!
  3. I really like the Balenciaga Flat Messenger. It might be a little larger than you'd like, but because it's flat, it falls close to your body and doesn't look too huge (I don't think). I don't have one ... yet, but it's one I'd like to pick up in the future. Here's a photo I found on I like how flat this bag is, although it seems like it could hold alot.

    The Flat Messengers on Diabro are just under $1000.00

    Here's also a link to a thread about different Balenciaga messenger bags.
  4. i love the reporter messenger by LV in Damier, lady dior pochette with chain strap (a must have), i know u dont want any monogram design but i LOVE diors messenger bags..... balencia has awesome messenser bags as well.... the Chanel mini flap TDF can be carried across your body..
  5. I second that. :tup: Very reasonable prices too.
  6. Have you looked at the men's line of Bottega Veneta? Not cheap, but excellent quality leather without logos.
  7. I really like the Gryson Josey. I think you can still find it on sale right now (check out and It's a beautiful bag.
  8. Coach has a large selection in their business section for no logo.