messenger, not courier

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  1. Does anyone have the messenger style bbag? If so, how do you like it?
  2. i have 3... obviously i like them very much :biggrin: when i want a bit of a break from the more conservative LV messengers i have. the size is just perfect for lots or as little stuff you need everyday. although i couldn't imagine it carried by a girl... it's a bit "butch" :P how about the Day?

  3. the strap is very long, can you try it on before you buy it?
  4. Wow! Love your bags! What colour is the middle one?

    PS - I'm from Melbourne!
  5. I have the old version messengers - which I love! ..haven't seen a newer version though in person to know how they differ.
  6. it's taupe ;) when are you coming back?
  7. i have one in bordeux. i love it! but it IS a bit long (i'm 5'3.5")

    it's huge tho..i can fit a whole binder, and pashmina in there.
  8. btw, i know it's a bit 'manly' but i didn't know it was from the mens line when i bought it!!
    i just thought 'fantastic! a casual style in bbag leather...woot!' and snapped it up.

    i didn't even have a city back then!! it's a great alternative to the other styles. plus, i saw a girl using one this a chocolate brown, i think. gorgeous!
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