Messenger Melville or Abbesses

  1. Messenger bag for my son. He will be using it for a school bag. Which do you guys like better and why? Thank You.;)
  2. Messenger Melville is TINY, I wanted one for school too but it was quite small. I say abbesses, but I think mono is a little over the top and on guy doesnt look the best, plus at school (Even private) kids get jealous. I say damier bastille or the damier geant messager are the best choices for a guy.
  3. Couldn't say it better.
  4. Abbesses hands down!

    You're such a great parent!
  5. btwn these two, i like the abbesses, but rishin's suggestions of damier bastille and damier geant messager are about the damier geant loup?
  6. Abbesses. I have the Damier Bastile. Abesses is more structured and should be able to fit more items and is more recognisable. It'd be good to check which canvas look your son prefers as damier, damier geant and monogram greatly defers. Damier Greant Pioneer is cool too.
  7. either bag is good.... but i think its best if you let him choose himself :yes:
  8. abbesses!
  9. i think both are good......hard
  10. Damier Geant would be the best choice IMO the messenger is perfect for school.
  11. I like the abbesses or a damier geant.
  12. How about the Melville Reporter? :idea:

    Or the Bastille?
  13. I have the abbesses ,myself! I just love this bag!! I use it for work, for days in the city and juts like it so much for all it's compartments and the way it looks and..I just love it!! I would recomend it!
  14. How was it too small? I think he just wants to put one or two books in it. I have the Abbesses and think it is more feminine because of all the LV's. I really dont like the loup. He like more of the Damier Canvas collection. But if the Melville is too small its not worth getting it.
  15. Well when I saw it personally all I could think was how, its was too small for my books, my bastille carries about 3 text books, but I couldn't see the melville holdiong that. How old is he? perhaps take him into the store and show him the damier bastille and melville, also show him the damier geant pionner and the messager, and the abbesses.