Messenger help, please!

  1. Hello

    My niece's birthday is coming up and she has asked for a Gucci messenger. She wants a really small one (less than 8 inches wide) with a zip top and preferably an outer pocket. Which messenger would fit this description and where would I be able to find it?

    TIA :flowers:

  2. Thanks gucci lover. They are all too big, I will head down to Gucci at the weekend to see what they have. The last time I did so they did not have any thing small.
  3. That one is perfect! Thank you, I have emailed the personal shopper to ask if it has a zip top, if it does I'll hit the BUY button!
  4. I don't think that one has a zip top, just a snap closure.
  5. Oh, that won't work then...thank you emald37
  6. aww you looked so cute mssmelanie!!!
  7. That is perfect, you look gorgeous! Thank you, I will hunt one down....:heart:
  8. sold out :sad:
  9. Oh, no! :sad: That one looked like it would have been perfect! Did you ask or did you try calling some of the stores?

    Did they say if they would get more or has it been discontinued?
  10. Really? I can't believe it? Hmm.. You know they came in other colors too.. I think it came in black trim /black monogram and brown trim and brown monogram. I wonder if the style# has to do with the color. Maybe you can have them look it up in a different color. I mean I didn't think it was some super hot bag that sold out.
  11. i saw that one on bluefly last week. i don't remember if it was the large or medium though. it's no longer on there now. sorry. i'll keep an eye out if i see one again.
  12. I called the store and they did a search for me, the small one is sold out. I also called NM and Saks.... nothing. NM suggested looking in the last call stores. So disappointing, it's perfect. All the different trims were sold out.