Messenger Day Bag Owners...Tell me about it!

  1. Hello,

    Im thinking about getting the Messenger Day Bag very soon. (Please, exclude the "new" Messenger flap bag..not crazy about the style)

    Messenger owners please tell me..

    1) Do you like it?
    2) Is it great for everyday use?
    3) Is it roomy inside?
    4) Is the Straps "Different" from other strap like the courier one?
    5) Is it the thick leather strap?
    6) Is it LONG enough to wear it across your body? (I'm 5'4)
    7) Does it comes with a MIRROR?
    8) Do you LOVE It?
    I had the Courier INK, which I loved but recently have sold it:crybaby: , because the Straps keeps "slipping" off my shoulder :shrugs: and sometimes holding it to prevent from slipping..It's too big for everyday use. I DO love my Weekender one though!!!!! I always end up using the Weekender MORE.

    Please let me know: Im torn between getting the Messenger, still deciding on color (SAPIN vs INK (already had it..but not sure, loved it though..color needed more ooomph!!....or ANY other color suggestion would be GREAT...except Teal, Black, Grey, Brown..I love colors BUT I WISH THEY HAVE THEM IN BLUEBERRY!!!!!

    Arrgh.. I might end up getting the Weekender :sweatdrop: (Again!!!! BLUEBERRY) If my choices are pretty limited in colors or wait till Spring/Summer 2007.

    Ladies and Gents: I truly appreciate all your input..Negs & Positive.
    Without your experience and having it IRL...I would'nt know, It will be my deciding factor.
  2. I just had to vent:

    I called BalNY and spoke with a SA (Guy) inquired about the Messenger bag..regarding it's specifications: size, straps, wearablility..etc..etc. he briefty talked and I inquired about if the Mirror is included.The SA (Guy) put me on hold to check it out. I got on hold for a while, thought I got hung-up..waited..patiently...hold some more.

    Then, I called back..I think I got hung-up. I believed the SA (Gal) that answered the phone is the "Dare-we-NOT-mention name. (Most of you know who it is). I asked for the SA (Guy) that was helping me, I got a response that he is on the floor, helping customers. I nicely, said that I might be the "one" he was helping because he JUST put me on hold while talking about the Messenger bag. She said, I wasnt the customer and she put me in his voice-mail to leave message!

    I was irritated. Here I am, Already spent at least 4 Balenciaga bags and I get treated like this! I initially spoke with the SA (Gal..begins with a D) and she was nice and willing to help but she was off today!

    Anyway...What rude awakening!! I did put away my ATM card after that call!!
  3. Ask for Leslie ... she helped me so much this morning ... her patience was in endless supply! She went and pulled bags and described them in detail to me.

    As for the Messenger - I was looking up past messages about this bag on TPF last night. I found more negatives than positives in those messages. The main complaints I remember were: hangs too low even when strap is set to the shortest length, and too macho looking. The courier was preferred by one person because of it being more spacious horizontally (Messenger is a more vertically oriented bag).
  4. fiat: Thank you for your response. I think that is perfect, you're description of "too macho looking" is one thing I need for this bag.
    Im a guy and I think this is perfect for me. I think I will call back to get more info.

    Fiat: You're a darling, and I cant thank you enough for checking up past messages and letting me know your opinion. I really appreciate it.

    I think I'm going to do it...It's the color Im having a tough time, at least my choices were SAPIN or ______(I thought about INK again..Deja-vu from my other bag that went to a new home:crybaby: But I need other colors...I wish they have BLUEBERRY!!!! )

  5. Oh ... duh ... you're a guy. I had no IDEA!!! *lol* Well then, the Messenger might be just PERFECT for you!!! The BalNY inventory list from Sept 2nd said:

    Messenger: Olive, Teal, Wine, Black, Ink Blue

    Not sure how accurate that is ....

    Good luck!
  6. luv, it's a thick leather strap lined with fabric on the under-side, and it definitely is long enough to cross your body - I'm 5'5" - it has a lot of room for adjusting the length. Very comfortable to wear and very roomy inside. I don't think any of the men's bags have mirrors.
  7. Thanks ladies!!!

    I just came back from NM Scottsdale, And I found out they have Balenciagas!! I SAW Sapin, Blueberry and ALL the FALL 2006 COLORS.

    Change of mind!! I wasnt impressed with the SAPIN IRL, but the BLUEBERRY ....I LOVE. Much better than the INK that I had!!!

    SO...Im going to get the Messenger in BLUEBERRY!!!!

    I hope BALNY have them!!!
  8. ^Yay!!! I love the blueberry, it's definitely my favorite of the new is so beautiful! Good choice!
  9. Thanks everyone!!!!

    Thanks to all of you who responded to my post: pippop, Louispeasy, Fiatflux, Esiders.

    You've been a big help!
  10. all the best for on your quest for your Messenger Day Bag, luvurbag.

    be sure to keep us up dated... :wlae: