Messenger/Cross-Body Bags

  1. Okay, Prada experts....I need your advice :yes:

    I desperately need a hands-free bag. I am finding more and more situations in which I REALLY wish I had one. Like...standing-room-only on the train to the basketball game this weekend and in the casino. :p

    I've been looking and looking and looking and haven't found anything non-designer that really appeals to me. :shrugs:

    So...I have been thinking Prada or Gucci. But seem to be leaning more towards Prada..for a reason I haven't figured out yet.

    For those of you have a nylon Prada cross-body/messenger bag...what do you like about them and which one would you recommend? I need to carry at least my cell phone, money, reading glasses (total pain) and - hopefully -sunglasses. (I usually carry a lot of crap in my bags! LOL)

    Part of me also thinks I am crazy to spend this kind of money on a nylon bag. Feel free to weigh in on that issue as well!

    Thanks so much!
  2. I lovePrada messenger bags.I have one with TDF flowers embroidered all over the front..I adore it!
    The best part is that with the nylon can wear them in ANY weather AND be hands free!they are worth EVERY PENNY!!
  3. Ooooh, I still want a Prada nylon myself. I want one that has the strap and can be carried messenger style as well as a handle. Something like the Miu Miu Coffer. I got myself a coffer for my birthday and it's sooooo practical (can be worn on shoulder, carried in hand and YES, has the messenger strap.) Now, as soon as I see a Prada nylon that gets me like the coffer did, I'm gettin' it!

  4. I've never seen one with embroidered flowers! Sounds very cute!

    The only place in town I can get Prada is Sak's. I'm not sure how good a selection they will have (especially after the holidays), so I may end up having to call your favorite SA! LOL :nuts:
  5. I have the very basic, cross-body, nylon messenger bag and love it. I have two little ones, and when I'm out with them it comes in handy to carry keys. wallets etc. You can't pack too much in it, otherwise it looks bulky and uncomfortable. I usually pack a small wallet, cell phone, keys, Palm pilot and lip-gloss & compact.
  6. this is the perfect messenger and the price is great!!

    Prada - Double Zipper Messenger -

    my first prada in 99 was this exact same messenger but in a much larger discontinued size... the design changed a bit since then...they added the little ring to attach a "trick" ..... and mine has the logo jacquard lining on the inside (a really nice touch).... the new ones are just unlined :cursing: which i find a bit cheap but the price is pretty low......i remember mine was like 550, back then!! (prob. equivalent to 750-800 now??)
  7. ^like mine..but with flowers embroidered on the front!!LOVE these bags!
  8. That looks like a good size. I CAN leave some of the crap outo fmy bag when I need to! LOL

    It's too bad about it being unlined, though. :sad:
  9. i had a brown one that was similar to that style. it really was practical and sturdy. didnt have to worry about scratches or anything like that. i dont think the unlined bags are THAT much worse than the lined ones...
  10. ^ i am particular! :p
  11. ^ lol sometimes the lining is a bit crooked but i dont want to exchange it because they're going to think im crazy
  12. Well...I went to Sak's today and bought a bag. Beware...minor Sak's rant coming up! :cursing:

    I actually bought the one Brian posted the link to! I think it's going to work out great. I hope. I'm still kind of shocked I spent that much on a nylon bag! :wtf:

    But the shopping expedition has me hating Sak's again! I have received good customer service there ONCE! I'm not kidding Just ONE TIME! :cursing:

    I wandered through all the handbag sections today for some time before I received any help. There was one SA at the Gucci counter helping someone else. She didn't even acknowledge my presence. She could have said "Be with you in a minute", was invisible!

    I wandered back to Prada again and FINALLY an SA showed up. She pulled out two styles for me to look at. Just two. That's all they had. The one Brian linked (and I ended up buying) and one with a flap with two side pockets (for a couple hundred dollars more). I thought the second bag was very cute but was concerned the buckle on the flap would drive me crazy and I liked the way the other one looked on me better. Not to mention it was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper! lol

    I looked at Gucci, too, but they had NOTHING. Not a single messenger. I was disappointed because I looked at them on the Gucci site and really wanted to compare them IRL to the Pradas.

    At NO TIME, did the SA offer to look through the books to see what else might be available. This really annoyed me. Plus, she really didn't seem to know much about any of the bags. Turns out, she was a cosmetics SA.

    This is typical of the "service" I get at Saks. Several times, I never got waited on. Getting help from an SA there is like pulling teeth. It's a huge contrast to the great customer service I get at Nordstrom.

    And to add insult to injury, when I got home I realized that they had charged me $15.00 more for than the bag than the price on the tag! WTH? AND...the SA tried to keep the price tags from the Prada bag and the Chanel item I bought (a very cute card case. I was weak! LOL), but finally forked them over when I told her I wanted them. I thought it was very odd.

    I'm surprised how much the bag holds. I am actually able to get all the essentials I need to into it, and it's lightweight and hands-free...which was the goal.

    Now I just have to keep telling myself I am not crazy for spending so much on a nylon bag! LOL
  13. CONGRATS!!Post pics!call Saks and get your 15 dollars back..thats too weird that she took the tags.My Saks SA wouldnt dare take the tags off....WTF???
  14. You know..Im back to this thread cuz Im REALLY bothered at how SAKS treated you.I think you should file a complaint..noone should get that treatmt there EVER.AND Im surprised you even bought from them too.That SA needed a kick in the pants for her rudeness.WHY did she take the tags off your bag..SO STRANGE..Its BUGGING ME TOO!!LOL!

  15. She took the tags off the Prada AND the Chanel card case! She even said "You don't want these, do you?" Huh? Those should have stayed on the items! Bizarre!

    There's no place else around here to buy Prada or Chanel. But....if I had it to do over again...I probably would have called your SA and done a charge-send.

    I did send off an email I'm debating contacting the local manager as well.

    I tell's so strange there. It's like the SAs can't be bothered to work. I wandered back on my own to look at Gucci (I was drooling over all the Britts. LOL)....the SA looked up...said hello...then went right back to unpacking some bags. Um...hello? I'm a customer standing right here! Shouldn't you be asking if there's anything you can help me with?

    I wasn't dripping in furs and diamonds but, sheesh...I was dressed nicely and carrying a nice bag (my Speedy). :shrugs: