Messenger Bosphore

  1. Does anybody have this already? I think it looks supercute and it's not too pricy...however I wonder how the flap closes? I can't make that out on the LV website...
  2. It has invisible magnets stuck inside the monogram.

    I was going to order the GM in Damier Azur next summer . . . but now that the Utah Carryall is out I think I'm going to save up for that instead!
  3. invisible magnets...that sounds very good :smile:

    so it will be available in damier azur? mmmmh...
  4. I went to pick up the MC Gm size..and it buckled in the top area due to the magnetic closure..I didnt like the way it sat on me...Was very sad as I think its SOOOOOOO CUTE IRL!
  5. I just purchased this yesterday at my LV store- the smaller version since I am petite. I love it-..... I posted a thread on it with pics- check it out..