Messenger bags


Jan 16, 2006
Hello! I am looking into getting a messenger bag (the kind that you wear the strap across your body) and wanting to get some ideas from you gals. What messenger bag do you own, if you do own any? Post pics if possible. Thanks!
i now have two. my icon bag and my gaucho.

i'm small enough that i can wear it as a messenger (gaucho) the double saddle as more clearance and is easier to wear as a messenger.

i love the icon bag. it needs to come out of it's dust bag soon. i get lost of compliments on this one. people stop me and ask where i got it all the time. :biggrin:


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try going to eluxury and go to the men's marc by marc jacobs section. im sure their messenger bags could be unisex so dont worry :biggrin: or u could go for the basic, classic prada messenger bags. i currently own a damier canvas olav pm and my dad owns the broadway.
What do you think?

essential said:
What do you think?


Aaah, my darling Brynmore, 3 1/2 years on and I am still in love with it. Needs to be repaired now :sad:

You need to be tallish to carry it off, it's quite big. And gets really heavy cause there is so much space to put all kinds of stuff in it. Nowadays I use in mainly when I travel.
Do you have a price point in mind? What is your style like? I've had a plain KS nylon messenger bag for years now and like it for it's simplicity. I think Coach makes some really cute ones, and LV messenger bags are really nice too. I also really love Longchamp, and they make a really cute messenger bag. Most people I know who use messenger bags tend to be very funky and artistic, and they swear by TIMBUK2 bags. I believe you can choose the colors you want on the bag.
i've got an LV abbeses.. and it looks GREAT :love: and feels great too.. goes with everyting u wear and is really functional (i'm a college student).
BUT BUT BUT... the clasps (on the straps) dont hold up very well... the bag itself was kinda heavy to start with... but the clasps broke after using it for 6 months!!!!! :suspiciou so i had to send it off to get fixed.
HEck.. i'm pretty bitter about it... spend all that money on an LV and it doesnt even hold up to what it's supposed to be.
orinoco- I'm disappointed to hear that. I thought LV is all about quanlity.

Suli- I'm just browsing around in general with nothing specific in mind. I know i want a messenger bag and preferrably in leather. That's about it. Still waiting for something that will make me go "i want i want i want". haha