messenger bags

  1. i've decided i need a messenger bag for the times i only need to take my wallet, keys and mobile out with me, like when i walk the dog etc, i don't want anything too big so my usual fave balenciaga is out and i also don't want to go mad money wise, so any suggestions anyone? i've been looking at prada on eBay but have no idea about authenticity when it comes to anything else but balenciaga.
    any advice gratefully received !:smile:
  2. I dont have a clue about Prada authenticity sorry, i think this Louis Vuitton is a good price and it's cute!

    £295 @


    This Gucci is nice too, they have it in the brown mono aswell, but i like the black, its not too in your face

    £370 @


    If you dont want to spend that much money, Radley do some really cute messengers for under £100, the leathers nice and they come in loads of colours, hope this helps x
  3. Coach Swing packs are great for that. Not too $$$ either
  4. i like that gucci ! thanks for that hollie, will look at the coach too
  5. i think plain black is what i'm after, just something discreet
  6. Anthropologie has little bags sometimes. This one has a 20" strap drop. I'm not sure if that's long enough for a messenger.


    Lolli by reincarnation has a few styles, and there are discount codes sometimes.

    Pops, $110

    Chain Clutch, $150