Messenger bags - need recommendations

  1. I dug out my old Radley messenger bag for a girls' shopping day on Sunday and remembered how fab it is to have a bag that leaves your hands free. Only problem - I've moved on from Radley now (how snobby that sounds!) and I want to get a Mulberry messenger.
    I'm a fussy girl and don't think I'd be happy with anything with a canvas strap. I like the look of Toby and am rather taken with Seth (but not the price!).
    I know Shepton often has a good range but I'd really like your opinions. All you messenger bag owners - which one would you recommend and why? I'd also like to know how much you can get in your bags as I do carry a big Mulberry purse.
  2. Seth has a canvas strap and is quite big. I love my Antony but was torn between that and the joel. I find the bigger messenger bags quite heavy and hurt my shoulder so I'd recommend something smaller like the joel if you want a leather strap. I've also seen a somerset despatch bag which was nice!
  3. How about the Joni? It's washed nappa, which I think you're OK with, and the style of the bag is so casual that a few scratches or marks don't make any difference.

    It's my everyday bag and I really love it. It's so light (unlike anything made of Darwin) and it's huge (50cm x 30cm). This photo shows the bag on my hip:

    They've got them at the outlets for £247 at the moment. I was seriously considering the green or claret ones in addition to this but I don't want two of the same bag (yet!).

    So much for your bag ban!!
  4. The Joni is lovely and a classy alternative to a messenger bag. They've had them in Shepton the last few times I've been and I really like the fact they are so lightweight. There was a great foresty green one last time.
    I am a bit hesitant about washed nappa as I saw a claret Araline at SM and it was really badly scagged. Is your Joni holding up well?
    Re the bag ban - I'm researching(!), no money has been spent so I'm still sticking to my ban!!
  5. Not in the slightest :lol: The back is SO badly marked - dark denim stains all over it. agirlinwinter has the same problem. But I figure it's only the back so you can't really see it. It scratches really easily but the scratches rub right out. And it loves the rain. It got soaked a few weeks ago and dried out perfectly with no watermarks at all. I sprayed it with Collonil once in January but haven't bothered since.

    I guess it's quite expensive to just bash around the place but tbh, I'd rather have one "decent" bag that I'm not precious about - I wouldn't want to revert to my Debenhams bags now :lol:
  6. I just bought the Antony, in black, from a recommendation on this Mulberry forum, and I am quite happy with it. I thought it would be too small, but it is great. If they get too're lugging again. Hands free should be light.