MESSENGER BAGS - Love 'em or Hate 'em?

  1. I've been trying to decide whether or not to buy a messenger bag. Granted, I don't do a lot of shopping around but I do usually have a child with me (or more) and hate to put my bags into the shopping cart, or worry about them falling off my shoulder.
    I've looked into a couple of messenger bag styles and sometimes I think they're so cute and practical, and other times I think it would just ruin the line of your outfit (not that mine is so fancy.....:angel:)...

    Do you swear by messenger bags, or do they leave you feeling blah? Or somewhere in between? ;)
  2. I'm in between. They're not my favorite style, but I've been advised that I need to start using one to keep from wrecking my posture. Trying to find a stylish messenger or cross-body bag is turning out to be quite the challenge!
  3. I have not seen a style I like yet. I don't hate them, but I don't care for them.
  4. I do love the hands-free aspect, though!
  5. I like messenger bags. I have dreams of Dior gaucho ;)
  6. I love messenger bags. They are comfy and it helps when you are traveling or shopping. I especially love convertible bags, where you have the option to wear messenger style if needed. I especially love my LP Angie in aubergine for that aspect.
  7. I love them! Not because they're superstylish (I prefer handheld bags when I want that ;)), but because I have kids that are with me most of my spare time. So I use my nicer bags to work, going out at night etc and more practical bags when I have my kids with me, either messenger bags or hobos. Now I'm going to buy one of Mulberry's messenger bags. The got the nicest leather!:tup:
  8. Love them- i've got 2 Mulberry messenger bags (Antony's) !!!! Great for carrying the essentials for handsfree shopping or out with the kids!
  9. not my favourite style, but i like to use em when i have to work and need both of my hands free.

    i like balenciaga messenger bag
  10. I'm sort of in between too. They're ok. My boyfriend's sister has one and she looks fine with it, it's not a designer brand or anything. I love how it gives you free hands for shopping, etc. But I've yet to find one that I absolutely love.
  11. Also just wanted to say- the style ie cross-body suits different body shapes better- personally I think it suits me so i like wearing messenger styles!!!
  12. I've had some in the past that I carried all the time, but now I'm out of the habit. I like the hands free, but I feel like I'm this close to being strangled!
  13. How about these?
    B05T11X752023F4.jpg B07T08X89GRY3674.jpg
  14. ^^

    I like them. I have the goody bag and it's great, really lightweight. I really like the dual straps on the first one.
  15. I love both those bags. I love having more room when I shop with my kids.:tup: