Messenger Bags: Abbesses, or Other Options?

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  1. I'm looking for a LV bag that I can sling across my body and wear messenger style.

    I know the Abbesses is designed specifically for this purpose. Do you think this bag can be carried off by a female? Or is it meant for guys only? I've tried this bag on, and I liked it more than I expected to, but I'm still on the bubble.

    What other LV bags (preferably in Monogram) would you recommend for this purpose?
  2. The Abbesses isn't strictly for men. As for other options, how about the mono Reporter bag or the mono Small Reporter bag? They're also messenger-style bags. I had the small reporter bag and it looked pretty good on me.
  3. I have the monogram Sologne and use it messenger style!
  4. the musette bags are nice. i have a musette salsa with the long strap, and i love it!
  5. If you are curious about the Damier line, Damier also has some messenger-style bags such as the Broadway and the Naviglio.
  6. Reported Bag, both sizes (GM and PM) are equally nice. Or maybe Nil?Abbesses will be the biggest in terms of messenger bag.

  7. yes i hate my abbesses cuz it's so big and bulky. lol. but dont feel like buying a smaller one ATM.. the geant citadin is in the near future.

    for girls, you guys have a lot of options! mini-monogram has a couple messengers too.. and the musette tango and salsa! those are perfect, IMO for a girl.

    but yea, like the others have said: reporters, nil, pochette bosphore. all great!
  8. I have a vintage small sac gibeciere that works great across the body but it doesn't hold all that much...I would love to find the larger one and they do come up every now and then on eBay...very cute option in my opinion...
  9. I had the large musette in damier and loved the way it looked worn messenger style. It is a great bag. The only negative was opening the huge flap to get things in and out.
  10. I have the Bosphore messenger..LOVE IT..I have pics of it in my showcase..its new and AWESOME!!You should get was around 500-ish..not bad for LV!!
  11. I have an abbesses and I LOVE IT! I get lots of compliments!
  12. I have the pochette bosophore, I use it but not too much. anyway its cool, the only thing that I dont like its that is more squared than my other bags. I also have the citadin, and i love it.

    you should look for the amazone or danube, they are realy usefull, I tried the amazone at the store and it looked great into me hahaha
    the danube its like the other but without the front bag.
  13. oh, I forgot it, you should buy the sac bosophore, its like the same size of the abesses but more nice and not that rigid. I´d buy it if I had enough money.. so sad... why LV is that expensive?!?!?!
  14. My Pochette Bosphore was a defect one, my arms got cuts/scuffes from the sharp edges of the zipper both ends when I carry it on my shoulder.

    The only problem I have with Danube and Amazone was they are just too too small. I used to have both of them but I sold them. They are just not for me.

    Therefore, I sold all 3 bags I had.