Messenger Bag?

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  1. Hi new to b-bags. I am looking to make my first purchase and am looking for a bag with a long shoulder strap. I came across this one is the photo. No idea what this is called. Did a couple of searches and came up with men's messengers. Is this one of them? Or is this a ladies' style? No clue.
  2. It looks like a Mens Day bag. But it could be a Courier too. I'm not exactly sure too. But here's pictures of my Men's Day for reference. :smile:
    blu day.JPG blu puddle.JPG
  3. It looks like a courier to me, which I think can be used by both men and women.
  4. There's both a "Courier" and an "Extra Courier." I think the "Extra Courier" is a men's style (with pewter hardware instead of brass), and it is larger than the regular Courier. I don't know which one is pictured, but I definitely think it is one of the Courier styles.
  5. thanks to all who responded. I am going to pass on this one.