Messenger bag??

  1. Does anyone know if BV makes a cross-body messenger bag that is feminine and doesn't look like a work bag - maybe something similar in form to the Hermes Evelyne or Gucci cross body bags? I'm looking for something hands-free.

  2. Yup, but I would consider these two more men-only styles, too harsh on most women.

    To my knowledge, BV doesn`t produce any women`s messenger bags, but there is a new bag coming out for fall (shown on the runway in ostrich) that has handles as well as a shoulder strap to wear it over the shoulder...
  3. THank you!!
  4. I have one that's from the men's dept. that I actually bought for my DH, but he decided it was too fem and I kept it for myself. I think of theirs as fairly unisex bags.
  5. I tend to think messenger bags lean towards the masculine to begin with...imho