messenger bag suggestions...?

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  1. hi girls
    i ventured out to the shops today, with my putty bays and after shopping for a 1hour the bays began to cause me a lot of pain in my shoulder. im not my best at the moment still recovering from a achest infection, so feeling very weak and sorry for my self. my OH said why dont i get a messenger bag for shopping because you dont need much only your purse keys and phone :biggrin:

    we both went in to JL and i found this gorgeous antony in blue with dark hardware, they have them on the mulberry website but they are the larger ones. this one was the smaller version i was very tempted and thought id come home and search the web for one with a discount, but i havent found one :smile:

    i have seen they have a oak one on my wardrobe and thought that that would go well with most colours and its the classic gorgeous oak, with a bit of discount:yahoo:

    however we then ventured over to the alexas, i was very excited to see the alexa in other colours, as i didnt like the OL one i oredered from my wardrobe. i have to say fell in love with the ink! what a gorgous bag! the leather was lovely and soft! they didnt unfortunately have any oak alexas but i know i definately want the oak now!

    now do i get a oak antony knowing i may get a oak alexa, or should i get the dark blue one!
  2. Oh, I am not going to be much use here, but I am having a similar dilemma.

    I really want an Alexa, was going to be LO but now I want Oak, but I have also fallen for the Oak Brynmore as a smart messenger type bag. I know I really want both at some stage, but have in my mind "not another Oak". I am trying to justify it by saying to myself that I do not buy many bags and so I want one that will go with lots of my things.

    I guess if you feel the Ink will go with most things then go for it, if you really love the Oak Alexa though then I would go for that instead and go for your Oak messenger as well!
  3. MBM, I sold my Oak Antony this week because although it was a great bag, everytime I've wanted to use it it's been raining. Also, I was forever holding it way from my jeans due to colour transfer. It seemed alot of babying for a bag!
    Having said that, I might go for a darker colour at some point (maybe ink or choc)
  4. maybe the alex will be the 1 bag i need, you can wear it messenger, its light weight!?
    the ink antony is gorgeous! and the leather is so soft! but i feel i feel i ned to take advantage of my wardrobes great discount!
  5. I have choc small antony and I love it. My favourite for saturdayshopping, you have your hands free and you have a bag that is roomy enough for purse, phone and a bottle of coke zero :biggrin:
    I think the ink blue one looks really good!
  6. thanks kvamkvam! i can see my self going back to get it! lol
  7. BMB I hope you don't mind me saying but from I've known about you and your bags I can't see you being an Antony girl iykwim.

    Hold out for an Alexa, one will show up. Xx
  8. yes i know what you mean tiree lol! do you think the alexa suits me more?

    the funny thing is girls, OH said what wrong with the bag youve just got!!! i explained the leather and the hardware issue for me and he said "but it looks nice, its my fav out of all the bag you have"

    so picture this, im in pjs walking round the house with the OL alexa on thing should i keep it or return it!!
  9. I think an Alexa is much more you. Pity you don't live closer we could go shopping with my shd card :smile:
  10. Keep it!!!! Keep it!!! Its lightweight, AND a great messenger, shoulder AND hand bag!

    and then keep an eye out for a gorgeous ink anthony at a slight discount somewhere, further down the line if you still want a small messenger too ;)
  11. oh gosh that would be sooo much fun! very dangerous though lol!
  12. I have an oak ant which I decided from day 1 not to baby at all. I must admit I shuddered a bit the first time I used it in the rain and then thought just get on with it. I've colloniled it a couple of times and used Russell and Bromley leather creme on it once and now I just chuck it on and go regardless of what I'm wearing and the weather. It does have a few watermarks but these are now blending nicely and the patina is gorgeous. I will now subject my oak bays to the same tough love because ant is now stunning. So, my advice is not to be too frightened to use an oak ant.
  13. how about the daria satchel in ink if you think that the Ant may not suit you?
  14. Once I saw irl on Friday, I was a convert. For what it's worth, I vote keep.
  15. hee hee!! now picture me, pjs, OL alexa, lovely brown scarf OH got me for xmas! OHs opinon " you look lovely" bless!

    ive put all my junk in it and i have to say its such a comfortable bag!

    now my thinking is keep it, then when the oak turns up buy that to!!! omg im so bad lol!