Messenger bag straps

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  1. Can anyone tell me what is the shortest length messanger bag straps can be adjusted to? Everything I see says how long they can be, but vertically challenged people like myself need to know how short they can be made as we don't want them banging around our knees!
  2. Oh dear that was a typo in messenger!
  3. The detachable messenger strap can be shorted to shoulder strap length - here's my Roxanne with the strap first worn shoulder style, then cross body style. I'm 6ft, so obviously it would look longer on you :yes:

    The Anthony strap, which isn't detachable, can be shortened to a similar length, too.

    Hope that helps :tup:
  4. Thanks.

    I'm just under 4' 11" :sad: the height of misery. Won't grow anymore now except outwards.
  5. I'm only 4' 10" and I managed to shorten my Anthony strap enough to fit me.
  6. Brilliant, thanks sisbell. Glad I'm not the only one!