Messenger Bag Lovers Post Here!!!!

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  1. True, I love carrying my designer handbags on a regular basis but when I will be doing a lot of walking or shopping there is nothing more liberating than throwing on the messenger bag! Totally hands free is so exhilirating after lugging a heavy satchel or tote IMO. Please post if you also enjoy wearing a messenger bag and what kind you have. My messengers are made by Tumi, Chanel, Volcom, L.A.M.B., Tokidoki, Fendi and Dior.
  2. LOL, you wouldn't believe it but the last time I carried a messenger-style bag it was a Playstation one with their logo planted firmly on the front flap. It was yrs ago now tho, during my grrl-gamer days, hahaha! Oops, just revealed the inner geek..

    I took it on an overseas holiday and it was fantastic. No worrying about holding a bag, was large enough for a whole container of moist wipes, toilet ppr roll (yes, very impt depending on the country u visit), and all manner of junk! Loved it!
  3. love messenger fave right now is my lv mono bospohre pochette! so cute!
  4. I use a Prada messenger bag when I jog :biggrin:
  5. I have the LV bospore messenger ,several Prada messengers,and am currently DYING for the Chanel Ligne Cambon black messenger bag...Anyone have one of those???!!
  6. love my prada and tokidoki messenger bags :P
  7. Love messenger bags! Just got this one from Lucky Brand Jeans; very roomy. Pic is courtesy of a member.
  8. My Burberry that got ruined was a messenger bag :sad: I am looking for another one but it has to be leather so it does not get dye transfer as easily as suede, pvc, or fabric.

    what does the chanel one look like?
  9. that sounds like a great selection!! pics please??:shame:
  10. I have two messengers - a Carlos Falchi Studio and a generic one. The generic one is awesome for work b/c it has so many compartments. Its held up for 4yrs now! Just got the Falchi last June. Love that bag though, carried it last weekend.
  11. I love Freitag messenger bags!!! They are a Swiss brand and they are made from recycled tarpaulins of old trucks!! (The handles are seatbelts:lol: ).

    I have one in the orange/used white colours...but I love them all..each bag is unique!

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  12. I use my nylon Prada messenger a lot!
  13. oh i love messengers!!! when i'm a mum i will be swearing by these...

    but right now i haven't been able to find a bag i really love in the messenger style.. i've even thought of extending a large Balenciaga with a matching chain on the strap.....

    post pics of yours please!! maybe i can find one to love via you guys..
  14. I LOVE messenger bags - so functional with kids. I have owned them by Bally, Coach and just acquired a Tumi in their signature print:

    tumi messenger.jpg tumi messenger 2.jpg tumi 3.jpg

    (sorry, too dark and rainy to take my own photos!)

    Though unfortunately the Tumi's strap is too short to go diagonally over the much for being a true messenger bag!!
  15. Yay messenger bags! Love the hands free deal, lol.

    At the moment, using my messenger for school. Its a black Timberland messenger, I figured all that walking around campus, and the books, and lugging it around might rough it up a bit so I figured this would do the trick.