Messenger bag HELP

  1. hello ladies

    I'm looking to buy a messenger bag for school and was just wondering if any of you could post a link to any if you come across them on ebay or anywhere you ladies browse.. I would like the abesses or bastille, or any other thats of that size or bigger.

    Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. I'm a guy and I actually have the abbesses which I've used for school, and I'm considering buying a keepall 45 bandoliere because the abbesses is too small...
  3. The Taiga Viktor is about the same size if you want something in leather
  4. or... get Damier Geant Messenger.

    It looks a bit "sporty" and young compared to the other LV messenger bags.

    But all of them good, depends on what you need and your style I guess...
  5. A Keepall for School? :confused1:

    Hmmm... consider the Broadway, Bosphore Messenger GM, Damier Geant Messager, or the Bastille. :yes: