Messed-up Brand new bag!

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  1. I wrote something about this in another thread (one about the Trapeze) but I thought it deserved a thread of its own as i'm dying to get help/opinions.

    I just bougth a Trapeze from paris, came back to london (with it packed tightly, in its dust bag, filled with tshirts) in my travel bag.

    It came out with a mark on it. I'm really upset as I didnt get to carry it once!

    I'm posting a link of the pictures, do you think the LV store here can fix it? Will it be expensive?

    (I admited this on the other thread aswell but I actually cried, I was so upset!)

    Ps. The new LV store in Paris is absolutly amazing! I went buy-crazy!

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  2. did u try lightly rubbing it with one of the japanese white erasers or a mr. clean magic eraser?

    doesn't LV refuse to clean their bags?.....even if they don't clean, they do replace leather and so it should be fine and hopefully not too too expensive......

    i'm so sorry about your bag what did the mark come from?
  3. How did this happen??!! I feel so bad for you! This is heartbreaking!

    I am sure they could replace the leather if they couldnt remove it?

    Good luck!

    I feel your pain.

  4. Ohhhh, I really hope they wont refuse!

    It's weird how it happened. My bag was in its dustbag and next to it was a can of hairspray (with cap on). Well that hairspray is now empty and my whole travel case smells of the stuff! When i took the bag out of the travel bagit was kinda stuck to the bottom of the travel bag (leather black). The white colouring on the bottom side of the trapeze rubs off onto my fingers now. Its like the hair spray acted as a thinner. Does this make sense?

    I dont think the eraser will work, the colour has penetrated deeper than that, but I will try. Thanks for the advice.

    Oh, and the hairspray has seeped on the the pink monogram material a bit. It hasnt really changed colour, just ever so sligtly. But its stiff. Will they not do anything about that either?

    Ohhh I'm going nuts! To think I didnt even carry it ONCE!
  5. the mr. clean magic eraser might do a little damage-control (doesn't seem like the white eraser would work too well in your case) but i think your best bet would be to have the entire bottom might be a little pricey but :sad2:............maybe for the sticky part you can use like a shout wipe or something similar diluted in water just lightly.....

    if not try taking your bag to a bag dry-cleaner and ask them if they can do anything for you bag
  6. Eep, how sad :amazed: . When I travel, I always put tape on the caps of spillable items and put them into ziploc bags...maybe you should do that next time...Hope you can save the bag somehow...
  7. OMG!!! I would FREAK!!! Do you know what was near the bag that caused the stain?
  8. Try to bring it in an LV store and ask if they could advise you on how to clean it. They always say that you could ask a store on how to care for their products anyway.

    Good Luck.
  9. Yup, I'm going to try te wipes. It's great advice thank you!

    I' going to take it to LV anyway, fingers crossed all the way!

    If worse come to worse, I may go to a dry cleaners on leather specialists and have them dab some white on the dark areas.

    Uhhh, I am the most unlucky person ever! The oddest thing is i my small hand mirror came out broken out of my travel bag as well!

    (oh in the pic i posted above you can also see my new perfo wallet...its dreamy!)
  10. It's amazing you are still sane! I'd take it to an LV immediatly and ask them how I should clean it
  11. I hope you can remove the mark. Fingers crossed to you~
  12. Awwwwww, I hope you can fix it! That's such a pretty bag to have ruined.
  13. On this topic, what do you guys do to keep your bags clean or maintain them? I know some of you simply wear them once and don't worry about cleaning/maintanence, but if you have any tips, things you do, please share!
  14. I'm so sorry to hear that. I would be upset too. I hope you get the stain out, Mr. Clean magic eraser maybe worth trying.
  15. I suggest taking it to LV to get the bottom replaced.