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  1. Hi there,

    i dont know how to start :sad2: , honestly all your posts hurt me, i didnt mean to be rude or tacky about money :cry: . i just was curious because many of you buy designer handbags, etc. i think you misunderstoond my post.
    and yeah my english is not my mother language. :shame: and i know i make a lot of mistakes..but at least i try... Honestly there was no need to be rude! ... (why you didint ignore my thread then?)

    of couse the money i have is from my parents and i work for it, i'm a very happy person, and i apreciate what i have, i consider myself lucky, we help a lot of children in India, im not lourdes, and that's me in the picture. that's all i have to say...

  2. Tiffany I am so sorry for how hurt you our from all of the posts. People just find it inappropriate to discuss their wealth. It's very personal. I realize that you are young and may find that hard to understand considering our love for sometimes extravagant handbags at this forum.
    We are normally such a nice group of people. In fact it is the only forum on the web that I will take part in. Your e-mail just touched a nerve in some people and was taken at times the wrong way. Your english is just fine, honey. We all understand you. Please don't give up on us.
  3. Tiffany, I'm sorry you were hurt! I guess the thread was just not seen as appropriate to some of us...But I don't think anyone meant to hurt you!

    You seem to be a sweet girl and I hope you stick around :love:
  4. Hi Shushopn, i didnt realize talking about wealth was inappropriate.. believe i have learn that in here...:cry: maybe i'm spoiled :sad: and for me is normal to talk about money and i should realize that some people dont feel confort talking about it..
    like you shushopn this is the only forum on the net im part.. i really love it!!! :shame:
  5. I'm glad you like it here and hope you stay. I'm 40 and obviously a lot older than you...experience is a great teacher. You seem like a sweetie. Hope to read more from you in the posts.
  6. It is very hard to detect tone or meaning over the internet. I am sorry people were rude to you. I admire you for communicating in a language that is not natural to you,I am sure I couldn't express myself in your native language! I look forward to seeing more posts from you.:biggrin:
  7. Hello Tifanny, just know that not everyone was offended or against you. Communication is always a tricky business, even between people who share a native language and culture.

    And isn't it ironic that women who post on a board clearly dedicated to high-end, non-essential consumerism get upset when money is discussed?
  8. don't apologize tifanny28! there is something called freedom of speech, you can post your point of view here no matter if the others here share it or not. it is not your fault that some of those comments were so rude, that was totally inapropriate. usually this is a great place and most people are very nice!
  9. I agree with coco-nut about the irony. I'm sorry that people were rude, and even though we do talk about expensive items here, I think there is a fine line that we all tread. There shouldn't be an assumption that we are "wealthy" simply because we admire really nice things - everyone here comes from a different background, and have different financial circumstances. Just because we drool and chat about these things doesn't mean that we can all afford it. Again, it may be a cultural thing - my parents taught me that it isn't polite to talk about money.

    I hope you feel better and aren't scared by the forum.
  10. Tifanny, glad you came back!
  11. Tifanny, I apologize if you were offended by what I said. We realize that you're not Lourdes.:lol: Since money is such a sensitive topic, my intent was to have people lighten up about the issue by laughing about it, that was ALL. You seem like a nice person and I hope to see you here more. However, in the future, please consider that when you post messages about how financially well off you are, it may be interpreted as bragging. Whether you meant your message to be that way or not, it came off that way to some and it was not received well by many. It's obvious that there are some people here who are financially well off. But when it comes to bragging and obsessing, we try to keep most of the focus on handbags.:biggrin:
  13. Yes! I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. I didn't bring it up because I know I would have been crucified for it.:lol: It's like this huge elephant in the room that nobody wants to mention. But it's so obvious.

    I told a friend about it and she says, "Wait...people are annoyed with her for posting about being rich...on the Purse forum? Is that the forum where the people have LV collections that are worth more than my house?" :lol:
  14. Tifanny, thank you for coming back to clear things up. I'm glad to realise you did not mean things in a rude way, and thats good. I do not think people got directly upset about you talking about money, but just the way you put it, and now i see that was down to miscommunication.

    It really is hard to set the tone of what one is saying by just typing words, but even so i suggest being subtle. не хорошо сказать вы богаты. люди будут думать вы похваляется.

    Now, lts forget this misunderstanding nd start again. I'm sure Tifanny is not a "bad" person and can bring mny interesting additions to this forum.
  15. I think everyone needs to realize that things can be taken out of context over the internet. I know there are some things that I was taught never to discuss, and that is just me and my personal upbringing. Doesn't mean someone else can't say it, and doesn't mean we can disagree with it. Important thingis that we can disagree politely- not everyone will feel the same all the time!

    Welcome back, we didn't want you to feel like you had to go away!!
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