message from Peter Gryson re Target line

  1. For those of you who, like me, were a bit bothered at the idea Gryson might be making similar bags to their originals for Target, here is a very kind email I got in response to an inquiry I sent to their customer service last night:

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding our Olivia style.

    Regarding our collaboration with Target, none of the product is the
    same as our luxury GRYSON line. The styles done for Target will only
    be sold for 3 months, April,May, and June of next year.

    We did not duplicate any of our original styles, i.e Olivia, Skye,
    Josey, Taylor, Tate etc. for this collaboration. We designed a whole
    new range of products, that share some of the elements of our brand
    DNA, but absolutely no copies of our more expensive GRYSON product.

    Again, this is only a 3 month limited time only collaboration, and we
    are proud to have been selected by Target to partake in the program,
    but we would never do anything to disappoint our loyal customers by
    duplicating our original designs in lower quality materials and
    offering them at discount prices.

    Mary, rest assured, you will not find a duplicate Olivia, or any
    other duplicated style from our luxury line at Target, but you will
    find some really cool, new designs by us, at an unbelievable value,
    but only for a very short period of time.

    Thank you for your interest in GRYSON, and have a happy holiday season,


    Peter Gryson
  2. From what I've seen from the lines high-end designers have done for Target and others, is that the items are highly inspired by their more expensive items.
  3. Well, I respect Peter for responding to sdkitty's message and I think I choose to take him at his word. I guess time will tell, but I think they are a great company that really does care to keep it's current clients happy.
  4. With all their issues, I still find it impressive that Peter takes the time himself to respond to emails. I've been very impressed with their CS, and definitely impressed by my two woven Skyes!
  5. i'm interested to see the bags at target but think i will still stick to the luxury line since i buy bags not just for style/brand but for quality as well adn i just can't see target giving me the quality that i want in handbags.
  6. That was very nice of Peter to respond to his customers in a friendly, professional manner!
  7. Wow. That's really impressive that he would respond. Perceived quality issues aside, it's amazing that he would take the time to reassure a loyal customer.
  8. I really didn't think that Gryson would make Olivia/Skye bags for Target - none of the other designers have duplicated their signature styles for Target (except for Devi Kroell, and that was actually the original idea), so why would Gryson??

    So far, the only bags from Target that I have been "somewhat" interested in were the first ones from Rafe but I didn't buy any of them (I really wish they'd make them in leather!)

    I have bought some of the shoes (Rafe, Hollywould - and I can't wait for the Loeffler Randall ones!) - and I am curious to see what styles Gryson will make. Hopefully they will be nicer than the bags they've had so far - I don't see anythin wrong with designers making lower priced bags for Target, Payless, Kohls, etc - I'd rather see women carrying these bags around than illegally produced counterfeit ones!!!!!
  9. I think it's really amazing that he replied.

    And I'm a huge fan of designer collaborations with stores like Target... It gives people who can't afford "the real thing" the opportunity to buy AUTHENTIC designer merchandise at a fraction of the price! It's not exactly the real thing, but at least it's not a fake :shrugs:... I think it's a great thing!
  10. ^ Me too!

    I'm kind of disappointed that Gryson will not do Skye-like bags for their Target line, I feel like that has been one of their signature shapes (as much of a signature as is possible for such a young line, that is). I was really looking forward to getting one.

    Sigh. I guess I might have to cancel my plans (for now) to line up early for the Gryson for Target opening day... :sad::sad::sad:
  11. That was a great response. I am anxious to see what their Target line will look like. I was not crazy about Devi Kroell's line that she debuted for Target...maybe Gryson will put out some cute make up bags or clutchs.
  12. I am amazed how sincere Peter is! Very impressive!!!!