**Message from Mulberry**

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  1. Dear fellow TPFs,

    I am writing today to address a few questions that have been raised in posts recently, and to clear up a few inaccurate statements. I have to say that I commend all of you for the concern raised in these posts. As consumers, it is so important that we get involved, ask questions and think about what we are purchasing and where is comes from.

    I thought it may be useful to start with some background information on Mulberry. As many of you know, our largest factory is in Somerset, England where we employ approximately 250 people and produce between 30-40% of our handbags. Over the last 3 years we have invested heavily in this factory in order to expand production by 30% and allowing us to continue to grow our UK workforce. We have also introduced a government registered apprenticeship program 3 years ago to help develop future craftsmen and to help the local community. Unlike some of our competitors who are closing their UK factories, we have plans to further expand the factory and produce even more in the UK.

    In addition to our UK factory, we have a select number of partner factories overseas, including China and Turkey. We have long term relationships with these factories and manage them very carefully. We have dedicated Mulberry offices with Mulberry employees that spend every day in the factories ensuring that they are meeting our high standards. We selected these particular factories because of their ability to meet our high product and human rights standards - not because they are a cheap alternative. In fact, our decision to make certain products in certain countries is because of the particular skills of the craftsmen.

    I can assure you that we take our Corporate Social Responsibilities extremely seriously, and have a strict “Global Sourcing Principles” code of conduct which we ensure all our suppliers adhere to through regular audits by our own employees as well as through independent internationally recognised experts in social compliance. We are also members of ‘Business for Social Responsibility’, a charitable organization which helps us benchmark our best practices with other leading companies.

    We are 100% honest about where our bags are made and would never stamp a bag “Made in England” that was not. We speak about our Somerset factory often, only because we are extremely proud of it; in fact, we believe that it is the last bag factory of any size in the UK.

    On a personal note, (and for what it is worth), I would not work for a company that I did not believe in. Remember, I also purchase bags from Mulberry - my Shimmy hasn’t left my side since I bought it. Where it was made isn’t a worry for me because I know that the quality is great, the workers who made it are treated fairly, and that if my bag wasn’t made in England, I am still supporting an ethical British brand that is based and is investing in the UK.

    I hope this clears things up for everyone, and I hope that Mulberry still has that special place in your hearts!

  2. Thank you!
  3. Thank you, very well written, great information, it is really good to know that Mulberry are investing so much into the UK market - which desperately needs companies to invest internally, bravo Mulberry!

    This is probably the wrong place to write this but is Mulberry reviewing its ecommerce and customer service side of things in the near future?

    Many thanks.
  4. Many thanks - we love Mulberry!
  5. Thank you!
  6. MapleCottage,

    Apologies for any problems that you have experienced - we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services. I have read most of the posts referring to customer services and I have forwarded all of them on to the responsible departments. If anyone is having a major or reoccurring issue, please PM me.


  7. many thanks Mulberry! love the bags whereever they come from!!!
  8. Thank you Mulberry London, it is nice to know that you're listening to your loyal customers!
  9. Thank you for the information , in this day and age more and more people are becoming increasingly concerned regarding the ethics of how goods are produced.
    Well done Mulberry for setting good standards .
  10. Thanks for the info! :smile:
  11. Thanks for the information, Mulberry London. It's all good to know.
  12. Mulberrylondon, thank you for the information.
    As a south west based Mulberry lover, I'm delighted that the company is continuing to invest in its Somerset factory. Mulberry is a quintessential part of this area.

    It's also good to know that you are picking up on issues being raised here.
    Also, please pass on to the design team that we love the longer, adjustable straps on the new collection bags!
  13. Very nice to have you reply personally. Thankyou :smile:
  14. Could I become an apprentice please ?
  15. Thank you Mulberry! :heart: It's great to hear from a company who pride themselves on ethical trading. You definitely have a dedicated fanbase of Mulberryholics :nuts::yahoo: