message: buy your bags

  1. if you can afford/save for them, that is.

    interesting book excerpt for anyone who id-s themselves with a :sad: face after the word "single." if you read between the lines, what i saw anyway, is that you come first! if the prince follows, great, if not (yet), you're still #1 so it hardly matters.

    if you're single :yes: it's because you haven't found anyone good enough yet. that's the great thing about hermes. THAT we know we deserve. :flowers:
  2. I love being single. So much freedom.
  3. You go single ladies....BUT...hate to burst your with everything in life...there are pros and cons.

    Married life if pretty damn good in my neck of the woods and I still get to shop too! (At least I am waitlisted and ready to buy...if they would only call me at Hermes!!!)
  4. that's great, but this thread isn't about you KB :flowers:
  5. ^^^ i want to edit myself. i should have said, this thread isn't about marriage in that way.
  6. There're definitely pros and cons on being single! In my case my pros probably aren't as many as most single's, since most of my money is benig controlled by my family (my culture). However, because I AM single, I can manage to funnel a bit of my funds just for me. Now if I were married, I'll have to share everything with my husband ... If my husband turns out to be the SO I'm with right now, that means no more Hermes shopping for me.:Push:

    So yup, single life isn't so bad at all ... I can go to the movies, eat by myself, do my own thing, etc ... I won't have to coordinate things with another person, etc etc etc. Of course, the downside is if I'm ever depressed or mad, I don't have someone who can immediately offer me support and hugs.
  7. mmm... maybe we should treat our SAs the same as husbands, like a b*tch! LOL j/k!!!

    I demand your total undivided attention, NOW!

    You call this satisfaction? NOT!
    dagnabit, where's my Hermes?! I'm waiting....tap tap tap :noggin: :smash:
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. i enjoy beeing a single now i enjoyed beeing married but there is one thing that was always my principle in life.
    there is noone i love more then myself. if something is not good for me than bye bye
    and if he felt in love with me than he have to take the whole package and cant pick only the raisins cause this is who i am you see what you get so deal with or get lost. simpple as that i will not devout MY life just to please anyone else then myself
    and no i am not an egoist and i do care for other people but only as long as i can be noone else then myself
  10. okay hiheels.
  11. We all yearn to become happy individuals no matter what stage we are in life. I don't know the author's work but it would seem that rather than be unyielding, we just need to remember we're not pushovers or a floor mop for someone else.

    If I could absolutely afford a Hermes, and my spouse (or partner) said no to me, it's no longer about the bag but about who's controlling my happiness.
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. :blink: wait does anyone in here treat their sa in any other way then stated above?

  14. Lol!
  15. That's right, don't settle for men, you're all too good for that ! And cheers to all my single girls on the board, it's awesome ! But eventually that right guy will come around, and hopefully he'll understand your addiction (and add to it ;)).