Message at top of the forums????

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  1. I log on to the board today and I have this message at the top of the forums, just under the toolbar that has "My control panel", "FAQ", etc..

    My last post was on Aug 12th....7 days ago...yet, it says I havent participated in several weeks :confused1:

    I havent been able to "socialize" online because Ive been studying for finals.

    Is there a new rule that we have to post every day now? Am I going to be deleted if I dont?

    Im so confused.:confused1:
  2. DP sorry
  3. Really? I was not aware of that.
  4. Weird, I have no idea what´s going on with that.
  5. I got that message a few weeks ago. I didn't post at all for about two to three weeks because I was traveling, so I didn't have access to a computer, then when I finally logged on, I had that message, if you post one post, it will go away. I am not sure why that message appears, but I am confident that it is a positive thing. :smile:
  6. I don't think it's a rule to post the message is just like a "hey how are you come back to group we miss you type thing" KWIM?
  7. ^^That's what I always thought of it! :yes:
  8. No idea! I was gone for 8 days and I didn't get that message :confused1:
  9. It's an automated message whose purpose it is to encourage members to participate and should disappear once you post once. :idea:

  10. Thanks!:okay: I was just im not!