1. Has anyone tried this before? I was thinking of doing it 'cos I find it hard to lose fats around the typical stubborn areas, i.e. the lower abdominal & inner thighs.

    I would definitely choose this option over lipo after what I've read but I just want to hear some real life accounts from those who have actually been through it.

  2. I've tried to do a lot of research about it though never had it done. I haven't seen enough conclusive evidence that it really works to pay to have it done.
  3. A friend of mine did the LipoDisolve and she went 3 times. It was $500 an area. I went with her the first time she had it done. She did a lot of research on it and asked all the right questions. She had a friend that worked for a Doc that did it. $2500 later, two areas and there was no noticable difference! The doc said that the Meso required more injections in a concentrated area. If you ask me, it's not worth the money.