Mesotherapy...anyone tried it?

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  1. Hi All! I am going in Monday morning to have a consult and hopefully first injections done. Anyone else had this done? Curious what results were achieved and how many times it took for you to see results. For those of you who have never heard of this, mesotherapy are injections of vitamins, homeopathic agents and plant extracts (among some things) into your fat with results similar to liposuction for localized fat reduction. It is also less expensive and less painful, both of which are good things! Looking forward to hearing about someone else's experience!:nuts:
  2. I havent, but I am interested to know how it feels and whether it works, and the side effects. Heard it all from the beauty consultant, but want to hear from someone who aint trying to sell me a package deal.
  3. It's actually about the same price as lipo (about $450/session for one area and you need at least 10 sessions per area) but the results are said to be better and there's no downtime. I went for a consult here in NYC and I think I may do it in the fall when my schedule is less hectic. I know people who love it so it does work. Of course, the doctor you use makes all the difference.
  4. I've been quoted prices from one extreme to the other, depending mostly on whether they were plastic surgeons or dermatologists. The Derms were all less expensive so I'm going with one of them.

    Thanks manolo maven, glad to know that someone actually knows a person or two who is happy with their results.

    Hopefully I'll be one of those happy people in a month or so! LOL!
  5. whymsical good luck and keep us posted
  6. Mesotherapy is injections to rid the body of fat that is unable to be removed with diet and exercise alone. Each injection contains a cocktail of serums which saponify the fat and than it is released as waste. One needle (12cc) covers an 8X11 area (size of a piece of paper). You should see a 3 to 5 lb weight loss in the next few weeks. It is gradual so do not get disappointed if it doesn't happen over night. Please consume extra water because you are getting rid of the fat through your excretory system. You must exercise more and eat a high protein low carb diet to maintain your results. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. pixie have u tried?
    i have some qs
    1- is it permanent fat loss or will fats grow back to the same area?
    2- what happen to skin? will u have excessive skin where meso has been done
    3- i heard there would be some bruising, how bad? could u still do normal activities, no need to take some time off?
    4. i googled meso, some results say there would be burning sensations. i am quite afraid, if you know more about this it would help. thanks.
  8. I had my third treatment today, they are spaced 2 weeks apart. I have lost a few lbs and a few inches...YAY!! It is painful, more painful than I thought it would be. My DR uses lidocaine in the cocktail to help with the initial numbing and to make it more tolerable, his solution also is not as strong as some of the ones used by other DRs. I am very happy with my results so far, I will have one more treatment in 2 weeks and then I will wait for 2 months to determine if I'm going to have more done. It takes about 2 months for the swelling to go down completely so that I can get a true indication of how much the area has reduced. So that's my update for now. :smile:
  9. That's really interesting. I'm glad to hear it is going well for you! Keep us posted as I'd love to hear about your final results. It sounds like it may be a good alternative to lipo.
  10. Ive heard that this is a very painful method. With lipo I had 2 days of severe pain and two weeks of "ouch". With this you get a week of ouch but you have to do it 5-10 times! Its a slow process but good for "spot" weight loss.
  11. whymsical thats great if u want to do it again. the pain is not so bad though?
    may i know how much u pay?
  12. Just a question, but I thought this was just recently (within last couple of weeks) stated to not be safe & not effective? Just asking.
  13. I've tried this before and the side effects were too much for me. You don't even really know what this "cocktail" is that they put in you so you can have bad side effects. They do a little test on you beforehand, but still my tummy area got rather puffed up the first time even after they did a test spot previously. I didn't see any great results even after the 3rd time so I'd rather not do it again. Definitely not for me!
  14. It is all the rage around here, because the beach and being in a swim suit is a big part of the lifestyle from May to October.
    Almost all the plastic surgeons give mesotherapy injection treatments right after Easter. The effects last 6 months. I think the results are good, the worse I saw were little bruises on the butt cheeks, but with a little tanning, or after 1-2 weeks they leave. It doesn't make you thinner, the fat is not dissolved, it just makes the skin look firmer without dimples. I should ask if it works nice on skin with stretch marks, because I only have stretch marks...