Mesh Pocket warning

  1. The first day I used my BV, I stuck my sunglasses in the mesh side pocket and they disappeared very quickly. I got out of the car put them in the pocket and walked up to the soccer fields. The sun was bright so I reached to get them and they were gone. They were my mostest favoritest Oakleys... :crybaby:
    I'm pretty sure they fell out since I did notice the pockets were kinda loose so I probably shouldn't have stuck them in there in the first place. Are the pockets the same way on the Cucciolo? They don't seem to have much elasticity to them!
  2. Yeah, the pockets do not have a lot of elasticity... The only thing I use those pockets for is to hold my cell phone. Because that's a heavy item (as compared to sunglasses) it always stays there. I'm always weary of putting anything else inside those pockets because I don't want the elastic to stretch out any more than it naturally is...

    I'm sorry for your loss! I know exactly how it feels to lose a great pair of shades... I lost mine in Canada years back and it took me a lot of store hopping to find another pair of shades that look okay on my face. I do NOT have a sunglass or hat head.
  3. Gee I put all kinds of things in the mesh pockets of my BV (sunglasses, keys, cellphone, water bottles) and have never had anything fall out!!!

    Are you absolutely sure you didn't "miss" the pocket when you slipped them in???

    And yes the pockets on the Cucciolo are just like the pockets on the BV.
  4. It sucks you lost your shades :sad: Are you sure someone didn't swipe them out of the mesh pockets?
  5. That sucks! My pockets on my backpack are loose so I've only been putting things in it that are heavy or bulky.
  6. sorry to hear that you lost your shades sparkyjt.

    Im too scared to put anything in the mesh pockets unless its a water bottle, but still Im afraid it will stretch too much and would look funny:confused1:
  7. Yes, I'm fairly sure they didn't get swiped and that I didn't miss the pocket. I remember thinking how loose the pockets were. Maybe I didn't get them in all the way or something but I know I didn't miss!
  8. probably you didnt put them in all the way and probably just fell out??
  9. Well that seriously makes me rethink buying a bag with the mesh pockets? Is that really an issue? Why have them junking up the look of the cute print if they're not functional? I unfortunately lose a pair of sunglasses every few months so i don't get attached...I have to get cheapos!!! I made the mistake of hanging mine into the metal ring on my ciao ciao and they were gone after few hours. And I really liked that pair...managed to have them for 5 months!
  10. I LOVE the mesh pockets, use them constantly and have never lost anything! I wish the Campeggio had them....
  11. I buy cheapo shades from Ross... I still have them and they're pretty banged up!! I cant imagine losing shades that cost alot..I would :crybaby:

    DreamsOfToki:maybe you should have gotten the cucciolo??
  12. Love it or lose it - To each his own I guess
    But that's really sad if you'd lost a pair of Oakleys due to dysfunctional mesh pockets...
    I try not to think of them as functional but as "you're just blocking off the print!" - therefeore cut them off immediately upon purchase heheh
  13. I think the mesh pockets are great for water bottles, baby bottles, etc... I just won't put anything valuable in them again.
  14. I did get the cucciolo. In part becuase of the pockets. But I still wish the Campeggio had them as well.
  15. Ooh bad! Yeah I wonder how come the stellina, campeggio and andiamo dont have them?

    Mamma didnt have them right? But MM and BV's do :shrugs: weird...