Meryt Sunnies

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  1. Hi all Chloe fans, are the sunglasses on Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham Chloe sunglasses, because they look pointier than the Chloe Meryt sunnies and the Meryts are rounded on the gold ends/tips, if their not Chloe what brand are they?:confused1:
    300.jpg 00250m.jpg ico_art_CL_2119_01.jpg
  2. i love these but i have such a small head i think theyd look funny!
    they could be but then im not totally sure VB likes here chanel stuff so im woundering if they are chloe??
  3. They may be her OWN brand. DVB or something like that...
  4. Hi futurerichgirl

    Can you post a bigger pic of Nicole Richie? I can't enlarge it!

    VB is definitely not wearing Myrte sunnies - there are no metal details on the bottom corners of her sunnies and you're right, they're more pointed. Don't know what brand they are though!
  5. I have these and they are huge! But I love them cos they're so quirky and daggy. I bought a new pair of Bvlgaris a few months ago and I just can't wear them - they're too blingy and "footballer's wife" for me. Back to my myrtes it is!
  6. i think they may be now you said that, i know she does do a range of sunnies!
  7. i_wona, I cant and dont know how to enlarge the pic of Nicole but she definatly is wearing the pointy ones that VB is wearing, I could enlarge the pic of Nicole in the YSL Celebs section.
  8. ^ hi again futurerichgirl

    I had a quick flick through the YSL celebs thread (I didn't get through it all) - if the photo of Nicole that you posted is from the same day as the one below, Nicole is definitely wearing Myrte sunnies. Absolutely without a doubt. But if she's wearing Myrtes, then they can't be the same as VB's, because VB is definitely not wearing Myrtes! Hope this makes sense LOL!

  9. Oh please tell me these pics of Nicole are not post-baby!

    My baby is eight months old. I want a flat stomach again! :hysteric:

  10. OMG the poor thing - someone give her a cardie and a lamb chop. She looks so cold and skinny.
  12. I just bought a pair of these today at Selfriedges and I am rocking in love with them!! I look fantastic, if I do say so myself!!
    Shame the weather in London is always so cr*p!!!
  13. Vics are not Chloe because the bridge is too short and wide.
    I think they are DVB, trying to be Chloe.
  14. I think VB is wearing Michael Kors sunnies.
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao: "a cardie and a lamb chop" - LOL dachlostar... you crack me up!