Meryl Streep on David Letterman

  1. Did anyone catch David Letterman last night? Meryl Streep was on promoting her new film "The Devil Wears Prada".

    They had the most hilarious clip on. It showed Meryl Streep coming in every morning and literally throwing her handbags, coats, briefcase on her assistants desk and barking orders.

    Looks good!
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  3. I am looking forward to watch that movie. I love the book.
  4. I just finished reading the book a couple of weeks ago and wasn't very impressed with the story. I read a review of the movie and it said this was one of those unusual times where the movie is better than the book. I'm looking forward to the movie - both because I like Meryl Streep as an actress and I want a look at all those beautiful clothes and accessories. Peggy
  5. The character played by Meryls Streep is supposedly based on
    Anna Wintour. Am interested in the movie for this reason alone!!
  6. Right - Anna Wintour is who it's based on. The woman who wrote the book was an assistant to Anna Wintour! ET interviewed friends of Wintour (Donna Karan, Lagerfeld) and I guess they feel it portrays her kind of harshly, that you have to be tough in the fashion business. Looks like a great movie though - I love Meryl Streep.
  7. i love meryl streep, and i think this ex-assistant of her kinda trying to use her situation and anna wintour name for her benefit.
  8. Sorry for the ignorance, but who is Anna wintour?
  9. She's the editor of Vogue :smile:
  10. yeah, the writer was working with wintour at vogue. and she's just like what she describes in the book, an english-born with british accent, but she still denies that it was about although everyone knows it was about her. ha ha ha
  11. Ok, Meryl doesn't have her own thread, so I'll post it here...

    The 2015 Academy Awards, Feb 22nd

    Wearing Lanvin with a Ferragamo clutch.

    One of my favourites/best dressed of the evening. Classic and elegant.

  12. All class. She looks great.
  13. She looks great.
  14. Zimbio

    The "Ricki And The Flash" cast photo call at Ritz Carlton Hotel on August 2, 2015 in New York City.
    Meryl+Streep+Actors+Attend+Ricki+Flash+Cast+KJ5rZhmY-9qx.jpg Meryl+Streep+Actors+Attend+Ricki+Flash+Cast+svnxBxqC0IWx.jpg Meryl+Streep+Actors+Attend+Ricki+Flash+Cast+gQxLtMLnCXVx.jpg Meryl+Streep+Actors+Attend+Ricki+Flash+Cast+akwMpFbgh5Cx.jpg Meryl+Streep+Actors+Attend+Ricki+Flash+Cast+twlocTOhq_Jx.jpg
  15. They are a mother-daughter duo who got to star together in their latest movie.

    And Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer were stylish red carpet beauties on Monday, showing off their fabulous genes as they arrived for the premiere of Ricki And The Flash.

    The co-stars looked gorgeous and coordinates in block colour dresses as they joined co-star Rick Springfield at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater.

    Read more:
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