Merry XMAS!!!

  1. Merry Christmas everyone! I'm in Hong Kong spending the holidays visiting family and just wanted to wish everyone a safe and MAJOR Christmas this year! It's been an amazing year for me personally...graduating college and finally pursuing my dreams of fashion design. I'm also thankful for meeting some lovely members of the forum (you all know who you are and thanks for the the fun times!) and acquiring some MAJOR pieces from H. So happy holidays everyone and to a MAJOR new year!
  2. Hi Mr. Posh Spice!!
    Congratulations on a great year, and may 2008 be even better!
  3. Mr. Posh you are to fun! Thank you for the well your collectionposted some where? I wouldlove to see it, and congrats on finishing school!:tup:
  4. Mr. Posh Spice, Congrats on finishing school. :smile:

    Happy Holidays. :smile:
  5. Next year for sure! :yes:
  6. Merry Christmas to you Mr. Posh Spice! And congratulations on all your achievements this year...more success to you in the future!
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mr Posh Spice:happydance:. I'm going to HK on this Thursday!:p Can't wait to go there!!!!
  8. MPS, Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year to you too! :heart:
  9. MPS Congrats on school! Happy Holidays!
  10. Merry Christmas to you!
  11. MPS ~ You Must Be Having A Blast In HK!!!!! I Wish I Was There, Too!!!!!! Such A Sweet Wishes....Happy Holidays Sweet Friend....& Here's To Another Great Year!!!!!!
  12. have a nice trip.:tup: merry christmas and happy new year =)
  13. Merry Christmas. All the very best. :smile::flowers:
  14. Merry Christms? did anyone get any H?

    i opened presents last night with the in-laws...I got my mother in law a pocket square and my husband got a fanny pack from them :s

    my parents already gave me mine...they got me a few pieces of my China...the Siesta.