MERRY XMAS!!!!!....and price increase


Aug 11, 2007
Just want to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone on this forum and I hope every one is having a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:

HOWEVER :throwup: Hate to be the Debbie Downer but it must be asked...does any one know when the price increase takes effect (and what %)? More specifically...will the belts go up in price? I want a constance/5382 belt (whichever one has the H corners stick out on both sides) which I never got around to buying this year and now that I am getting off my is almost the new year! Am I doomed to pay 10% (?) more?

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Nov 20, 2006
merry x mas to all of you
well thankfully i have the abillity to ignore pricetags and i advise you do to the same so much less trouble

Like you, I have that SUPER POWER/ABILITY to ignore price tags! :P However, I am married to someone who doesn't have that particular super power.... One redeeming factor is that he also LOVES my bag collection, especially the matte croc ones! :love:

Encore Hermes

Aug 6, 2007
I asked to be gifted scarves for my birthday and Christmas. We know the prices are going up, but if they really jump, I thought it would hurt (translate: piss me off) to pay that big % for a scarf that I could get at this years price.