Merry Gucci-mas Gifts

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  1. Merry Gucci-mas Everyone!
    Here are my holiday Gucci gifts to myself because I am worth it!
    What Gucci delights did you get this year? 1545679261300683632527.jpg
  2. Beautiful!!! I am still debating if I want to get my first gucci bag now or in the new year. I may just give in and do it now lol!
  3. Omg look st that spike bag! So high fashion! We need more pics! Congratulations and Merry Christmas! I too have a few new Gucci items for Christmas!
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  4. Santa arrived at my house with this beauty

  5. I finally got my super mini marmont :yahoo: fullsizeoutput_306f.jpeg
  6. I loooooove this bag! Next on my list for sure!
  7. Oh my, just beautiful, you were spoiled.
  8. IMG_3386.JPG
    I must have been a very good girl this year, as this was under my Xmas tree (along with couple more little GUCCI pieces)!