Merry Christmas

  1. Just wanted to say merry christmas to everyone

    Hopefully everyone gets new bags under the tree :biggrin:
  2. yay! merry christmas and new bags for everyone!

    and not to self-promote, but i turn 20 on christmas eve. i can't believe i'm not going to be a teenager tomorrow...
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  3. Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday Amanda....Happy Birthday to you!!!!:biggrin:
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone, and Happy Birthday amanda! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!
  5. Merry Xmas every body n happy birthday amanda :smile:
  6. Happy birthday!! While you are celebrating your B-Day I will be attending a party with my live-in BF at his parents place where his ex-wife will also be in attendance..gee I wonder which one of us will have more fun:blink:
  7. Merry Christmas!!!
  8. Merry Christmas everyone! Happy birthday Amanda!
  9. I'm also wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. :lol:
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  10. happy holidays everyone and happy b-day amanda!
  11. Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it. :smile:
  12. Thank you - and same to you! :smile:

    It is time to sing:

    Good tidings we bring
    To you and your kin;
    Good tidings for Christmas
    And a happy New Year!

    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    And a happy New Year.

  13. And best wishes for your 32nd birthday, if my adding is correct! :smile:
  14. happy holidays-merry christmas to everyone
    happy birthday amanda
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  15. Yes, Happy Birthday, Amanda! :smile:
    And many happy Returns! :tup: