Merry Christmas to me!!!!

  1. So DH and I went to the outlet yesterday because I've been needing a black purse, but I usually wear more brown than black so I didn't want to pay full price for a black purse. Well the purse I liked was on clearance for $169 and then 20% off of that. It ended up being $108. I was amazed. So I got the matching checkbook wallet too! The wallet was more expensive than the purse! That's kinda funny. So anyway, these are my Christmas presents from my hubby. He told me I could have them now but I'd rather wait until Christmas because I just bought a chocolate leather ergo tote off of eBay last week so I'm loving it right now. Anyway here are a few pics of my new Christmas presents-I took them out of the packages to take pics and then I'll put them away until Christmas. And I also put a pic of my ergo tote since I haven't posted any pics of it yet, but the picture doesn't really show the full beauty of that chocolate leather. It's beautiful.

    DSC01121 (Small).JPG DSC01122 (Small).JPG
  2. Merry Christmas to YOU!!!!!!! GREAT choices!!!! and I LOVE that chocolate ergo tote you just bought too!!!!
  3. Last week when the ergo showed up I was so disappointed because I didn't think it was big enough. But after using it for a few days, I fell in love. It is the prettiest bag I've ever owned. And the leather is so luxurious, I just love it, can you tell...
  4. and I bet it's the LIGHTEST bag you have ever carried, too, right??? :graucho: It's GORGEOUS!!!!!! How about some modelling pics???
  5. Yay!! Merry Christmas!! I'm doin' the happy dance for you right now!!:party:
  6. Yes it is the lightest bag EVER! I'll try to do some modeling pics tomorrow, it's kind of intimidating, lol.
  7. I love the Ergo tote in chocolate too! It's the lightest bag I own! Great choices!
  8. I love both bags and the wallet :heart:
    The black sig bag...I have been trying to find that for ages!!! I hope there are some at my outlet when I go there in a couple weeks!!!!!
  9. I love that ergo! What size is that? Medium or large?
  10. I love that ergo tote! It's gorgeous!! Congratulations on such great finds!!!
  11. Grats! I just purchased that same ergo tote in choco. It IS very light. I like how it's sort of smooshy too yet still structured.
  12. Very beautiful choices congrats.
  13. Merry (EARLY) Christmas to you!
  14. Great choices! I, too, have a purse and wristlet from my first trip to the outlet put away that I will be getting for my bday in December - the prices were unbelievable!!
    Love the cholocate ergo - that leather looks good enough to eat!
  15. What great Christmas presents! You're stronger than I am, I'd never be able to wait until Christmas to use them! At lease you have your ergo tote to hold you over, congrats!