Merry Christmas to ME!! Zip Bowler is HOME!!

  1. As many of you know, I have been craving the MJ Striping Zip Bowler for some time now...but couldn't get up the courage to cough up the $$ for the leather lining. I have been bugging DH about it for literally weeks now, but just knew he wouldn't go for it...turns out...HE DID!! :yahoo:

    He said it's a combined Christmas and anniversary (1/8) present, but I am so ecstatic I couldn't care less! The lining of this bag is impeccable; it is a rich green leather, and so smooth. I took it out to the movies yesterday evening, and I held it in my lap and just stroked the leather :tender:it's that gorgeous!

    Also, as some of you know, I got the MJ Quilted Elise in November, but forgot to ask for a hatbox. I read on here that you have to ask for one, so I was telling my husband about that during one of my whine sessions :shame: and guess what...he asked for an extra box when he ordered the zip bowler! Now, my Elise and Zip Bowler each have their own little, round, white house! Isn't he so thoughtful to think of that? :girlsigh:

    I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I know there's more to the season than gifts, but I couldn't help sharing this fabulous news! :jammin:

    Anyway, without further adieu, here she is: Striping Zip Bowler with cousin Elise!
    ZB with flash.jpg ZB wo flash.jpg MJZB1.jpg MJZB2.jpg MJZB Hardware.jpg
  2. More pics w/ Elise! :love:

    And a family shot with my other babies: Dixie (yorkie) and Penny Lane (kitty)! :p
    Elise and ZB.jpg Inside MJZB.jpg MJZB3.jpg MJ w: Dixie and Penny.jpg
  3. Ahhhh, your husband is so thoughtful and sweet. Happy anniversary & holidays to you both. =)

    Everything is absolutely gorgeous, I love them all -- Elise, Zip Bowler, the hatboxes, Dixie, and Penny Lane. I will sit here and drool at your pictures, thank you for sharing them with us. =)
  4. you and your little family are just adorable. congrats maggie
  5. Congrats!!What a great hubby!!!!!LOVE the bag!
  6. No kidding! What an awesome guy to think to get two hatboxes! So I'm totally confused... Is the Trish different from the Hudson AND different from this? I also am confused as to how people are able to fit the straps over their arm on these bags... I am 5'9" and 148 lbs. and can't fit the Hudson straps over my arm... am I alone?
  7. Oops... meant over my SHOULDER.
  8. OMG! It's AMAZING!!! I love the zip bowler!! Congrats!! That's a great way to start off the new year!! :smile:
  9. beautiful gift wonderful dh. congrats to you
  10. They're beautiful!! Congratulations!!
  11. Soooo beautiful marclover!!!! :love: :nuts: :nuts: Congrats!!! And how thoughtful your hubby is!!
  12. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! You're all so great! :yahoo:

    BagHound--The trish, zip bowler, and hudson are all from the striping line, and are all different bags. This one isn't round like trish, and doesn't have a shoulder strap. It is a bit shorter than the hudson. Also, I can fit this over my shoulder if I try, but it is supposed to be a handheld bag. That's how I've been wearing it at least!

    Thanks again everyone!! :love: I absolutely love this! We just got home and DH said, "Are you gonna check that blog again? Any replies??" I told him what you all said, he is so proud of himself. It's cute!
  13. Sooooooo Beautiful!! Congrats! :heart: Emmy
  14. so jealous! such a pretty bag!!
  15. Aww, what a wonderful gift! I love it! Congrats, I know you will enjoy wearing it...absolutely gorgeous!