Merry Christmas to me! What did you buy yourself for Christmas?

  1. Did you buy yourself "a little something" for Christmas? Do share. Are you saving it to open on Christmas morn? Or did you gift yourself already?

    I bought myself a teensy little gift...a LV MiniLin Ebene Danube. I'll get it on Dec. 31 to start my new year off right.

  2. My birthday is right after Christmas. I bought myself two gorgeous pre-loved Epi Soufflots for Christmas and a L.A.M.B. Cyprus bag for the bday. Since the Cyprus is small like a pochette it will be easy not to carry it til I hit the town on my bday but the Epi's will be harder for me to wait!
  3. I bought myself a pre-loved LV Mini Lin in Ebene, too! But I got a Speedy.

    Today I'm hoping to score a pair of diamond earrings with American Express's WishList promotion.
  4. We'll see how much my end of the year bonus is . . . :smile:
  5. I was bad this year, for me atleast. I got a AC Jet Setter Jr in stone, a L.A.M.B Treviso convertible clutch in glazed nude, and I ordered the Linnea Pelle Lauren Conrad tote in black.
  6. So far I have rewarded myself (after a long semester lol) with a bulga large butterfly in navy blue!:yahoo:
  7. I got the Anna Corinna city tote in gunmetal (gorgeous color!), a Marc by Marc Jacobs Heidi Turnlock satchel in Beige (so soft!), and a Kooba Brynne in Oak =)...thinking of getting a Gustto parina to add to my goodies before ending the year=)
  8. I got myself a black Hype rococo satchel and I absolutely love it! I'm a poor college student new to the handbag world, so it was a splurge for me, even with the discount on Bluefly :sweatdrop:
  9. I have the MBMJ Heidi Turnlock in black. It is one of my favorite bags! So soft and smooshy!

  10. I'm going to get an iPod Touch and an LV wallet for myself.
  11. well i ordered a purple LM frmo BE and that will arrive shortly after xmas, so it's my hannukah gift to myself! though i am now seriously considering a pencil/pen case since i carry at least 10 pens at any given time (i'm a habitual pen stealer) and don't want them mucking up my beautiful new bag!!
  12. I haven't gotten it yet, but I hope to get the Botkier Bianca Large Satchel in Cherry...I am totally craving it...hopefully I will get it the day after Xmas...after I get all of my Xmas money!!
  13. i follow a "two for you one for me" philosophy when it comes to christmas shopping :idea:
  14. ^I follow the same idea except I usually do the 'one for you two for me' thing! LOL Keeping that in mind, I did buy myself a couple of early presents, an LV ebene mini lin noe and a preloved grenat Bbag twiggy.
  15. I got my Midnight Black Tano Miss Print.... she's hiding in my closet til after Christmas so I can pretend I didn't buy her BEFORE Christmas. :lol: