Merry Christmas to me too!

  1. It's Christmas and I thought I'd treat myself to some nice Chanel presents this year since I have been working like a dog (woh!) for the past year with 4 hours of sleep a day on average, seven days a week...(long story...)...:nogood:

    So here they are... one big one small...let's start with the small one!
    L1000779.JPG L1000780.JPG
  2. So what is it, what is it? :graucho:

    Take off the dust bag - oh, foam cover...take off foam cover...
    L1000781.JPG L1000782.JPG
  3. Ahhhh!!! Chain belt from 2008 Cruise - with denim!

    And a little modelling - sorry no model myself so pardon my lack of a model figure! :shame:
    L1000784.JPG L1000789a.JPG
  4. Now on to the big box, big box!!! :yahoo:
  5. What is it? (BTW, great packaging huh?....):sweatdrop:
  6. :love: - teehee...!
  7. Muwah!!! The Cruise 2008 lambskin!! I don't know what its official name is but this is the most beautiful lambskin flap I have ever seen (Union Jack flap aside)!! :heart: The colour is called "rouge clair". And if you think you've seen some kind of gradation, that's because there is indeed a gradation.

    I agree with Zerodross who also has this bag - this bag is such an adorable little babe!:yes:
    L1000797.JPG L1000798.JPG
  8. belt is adorable.....

    OMG........THAT BAG IS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tell me the price I can drool over yours!LOL!
  9. Merry Christmas indeed! They're both TDF!
  10. OMG....the pink flap is beyond gorgeous!!!!!!!Congrats~~
  11. I am just dying of envy here! :nuts: That pink flap is super amazing. How much is it so that I can start saving??? :crybaby:
  12. Gorgeous bag :tup:, I love the color and the metal around the CC, so pretty. And that belt is gorgeous too, I love the way it looks on you :yes:

  13. [whisper to Jill] I picked this up at the HK airport - HK$21,900 so it would be US$2,810. No sales tax in HK. :heart:
  14. I love the belt, but im sorry that bag is too amazing lol, use it well!!!
  15. that bag makes me .......WANT ONE SO BADLY IT HURTS!!!!!
    This had got to be my all time fave Chanel bag I have seen this year..its simply fabulous!Post modeling pics..Id love to see it on u!Also..What size is it?
    and is it available in USA yet?(If yes..Im in BIG trouble..LOL!)