1. Thanks to PP and her absolutely WONDERFUL SA, Komavi........I have bought myself 3 little beauties for Christmas :graucho:. Here they are:


    Waiting for these 2 to arrive (soon hopefully):


    Merry Christmas to me!!!! :yahoo:

  2. congrats!!! They are all GORGEOUS!!!
  3. I love the Miu Miu and Gauffre Bowler! Congratulation!!!!
  4. wooooww they look fab....congrats:smile:
  5. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also bought these beauties for 50% off!! :wlae:

  6. ^^^That's right, rub it in! :roflmfao:

    Seriously, I'm thrilled that Komavi has been so good to you (and vice-versa!). I'm always reluctant to make any sort of reference or referral for fear of it backfiring, but so far, KK has taken excellent care of tPF gals!!!
  7. Congrats- they're all gorgeous!
  8. omg congrats! love the gauffre in particular green with envy hehe. And not a miu miu in sight!!!!!
  9. 50% discount?!?!?! :wtf::nuts::drool: fantastic buys!
  10. Merry x'mas to you!
    Love that bowler. What a steal!
  11. Merry Christmas indeed! Love the bags and wallet.
  12. 50% off?!?!?!

    wow! congrats on the great buys!

  13. wow fab bags, fab deals
  14. Wow, you've been very good to yourself. That Gauffre is gorgeous and at half price an unbelievable steal!
  15. miu those are great bags !! I love a gal who knows how to treat herself well !! thanks for sharing your pics.