Merry Christmas Matthew! (Part1)

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  1. LV party was great, after that, the staff and I went for drinks!

    Enjoy... Part 2 will be sunday when I get back from NYC ;)

  2. Love it!
  3. oh p.s. dont ask me where the date code is... I can't find it ANYWHERE lol
  4. Nice!
  5. Congrats Matty! :biggrin: Both look great!

    Liberte has a Fourre Tout too, right? Maybe he knows where the date code is? If it has alcantra lining, I am thinking it might be heat stamped on the alcantra lining itself along the seam of the pocket?
  6. OOO Very lovely!!! Congratulations and Merry Christmas :smile:
  7. Congrats, they look so well together!
  8. It is GORGEOUS MATT!!!! EEEEK! I bet the leather is impeccable! Wonderful taste!!!! Modeling shots plz?!

    P.S We havent pm'd in FOR EVER, I miss our little "Will and Grace" quote games ahaha, I've had a weird past two months, sending u a PM now!
  9. wowza! haha very nice! I really like that bag.
  10. So umm...where's the date code?

    Congrats! ;)
  11. Matt, MATT, MaTt!

  12. StUnnIng!! Hope ur having a Fab trip!!

    ^^ its so stunning we both posted that at the same time!! lol
  13. VERY NICE! Congrats on your new goodies!
  14. NICE BAG MATT! Congrats

    Eh this is only part 1?? Can't wait to read your post on part 2.. :smile:
  15. :drool:......