Merry Christmas ladies!! What presents have you got? Post them here! *pics*

  1. Hello ladies!

    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

    What have you gotten for Christmas this year? Post them here with pics and let us know if they are from your friends / loved ones or from yourself to yourself! LOL! I think it's a fun idea, what do you think? :graucho:

    Let me begin with mine hehe, here's a little something I've got from a friend today ;)


    i absolutely love the wrapper! it's in greyish silver and has stars all over. it comes with star printed chanel ribbons too.



    my first chanel perfume :angel: i've been very loyal to lanvin d'arpege and i must admit, i am in love with this! it's pink, it smells so refreshing yet feminine and classy. plus, i love the ad by keira knightley in coco's apartment!
  2. Nothing just yet, but a girl can dream!
  3. love the wrappings....also the pink coco perfume, i'm sure the smell shld be nice and looks refreshin as u said.....:smile:

    I'm still waiting for my x'mas gift and probably will receive next wk. Will try to post pics here.
  4. that pink bottle is so pretty and girly
  5. That is my fav perfume ever, c!! Happy early Christmas! I hope your presents get even better!!! :biggrin:
  6. I don't think I'll be getting any Chanel for Christmas this year. :crybaby:

    But I'll enjoy checking out all the gifts here. :drool:
  7. aww its so beautifully packaged, I am trying to be good and not going near any presents until Christmas day! but I will be sure to post piccies!!!

    I will finally be able to open my J12 on Christmas Day and I just cant wait :nuts:
  8. Beautiful wrapping paper. I just bought myself a sharpei tote. Merry Christmas to me! :p
  9. There's a little red '05 e/w -- thanks to a member. DH and I picked out a yellow diamond, which may not arrive for the holidays. (A 20 year wish coming true.)

    Wishing everyone here a wonderful holiday season, and a healthy and happy '08!!!
  10. post pics ladies! would love to ogle at them! hehe happy holidays!
  11. Will post a pic after the 25th. It's sort of cheating, imo, unless your particular holiday falls before the 25th.
  12. Well my b-day is this week too and my parents got me a bottle of Chanel Chance Eau new favorite as one of my gifts. I wish I would have taken a pic. It was wrapped super cute.
  13. Looove Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, I also have No 5, Chance, Gardenia, Coco, and Fluer. Can you tell I love Chanel fragrances??? My parents are getting me a Chanel bag from the luxury ligne, not sure which one- but I will post pics after I get it!!!
  14. merry christmas ladydeluxe! :heart:i will post pics as soon as i get my christmas goodies, promise!:tup:
    that perfume is wrapped so lovely.....enjoy it!:yes:
  15. merry christmas Mick and ladies! i've gotten a lot of fab xmas gifts (CLs, a new cell phone, YSL oversize muse and a fendi LBD) from my parents already :blush: and i've not given them anything! what do you ladies suggest i could get / make them (something better than using money to buy)?