Merry Christmas Ladies - newbie here :-)

  1. I just wanted to wish all you ladies on here a merry christmas. I am a long time "lurker" here on the Chanel forum. I constantly visit here everyday and live vicariously through you lucky ladies with your gorgeous bag :smile:
    I will be making my first Chanel trip on my birthday (jan 5th) and hoping that I can find something within my budget (not to big at the moment due to the christmas presents).
    But thank you all for your inspiration and passion for Chanel, because I definitely caught the bug.

    Happy New years!!!
    Hopefully I'll be putting up photos of my new purchases shortly :smile:

  2. Sue,

    Thanks for posting. I hope you also have a Merry Christmas, as well as all the PF ladies and gents!!!

    P.S. Can't wait to see your purchase.
  3. Sue thank you so much too for posting!I wish you too Happy holidays and of course A Happy new Year with many Chanels to come!:flowers: