Merry Christmas everyone

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    First Greeting from New Zealand
    Hope all tPFer, especially LVer have a Merry Christmas

    Wish all the LV dreams come true!
    Wish all our DH/DW and BF/GF be nicer and nicer to us all
    The one haven't got a partner yet will meet one in no time, and he/she will love LV as much as we do....

  2. LOL. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO!!!!:party: :drinkup:
  3. Thank You! Merry Xmas for You too!!! lol
  4. Hahaha ... lee69 we still have 1.5 hrs ago from our NZlander. Oh well, the Xmas spirit is here. Have a Merry Xmas everyone. Looking forward to more LV excitements.

    :girlsigh: :party: :drinkup: Lets PARTY!!!
  5. Merry Christmas to you too :smile:
  6. Merry Christmas!!! :yes:
  7. Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope y'alls [Gah, I'm such a Texan] Christmas goes better than mine!!! My rents went to go visit my sis for a week in DC and I had to stay home because I had to work!!!! :hysteric:
  8. same here. I have to work til new day off on today(25th) too, needed to work whole day.:yucky:
  9. I'm not trying to hijack this thread, OP!!! :push: I just wanna share with someone!!!

    Luckily we're closed on Sundays... and I was one of the lucky 5 selected to work on Monday the 25th!!! :yahoo: [Note the heavy sarcasm :lol:]
  10. no problem bro
    I wanted to share with someone too
    glad that we are the same

    I have no choice....since its kinda a family business(well, my BF's family business), I have no choice or been selected. Just "needed" to do

    I don't mind working on Christmas Day, coz NZ just too boring on X'mas, not like HK. but i MIND i won't have extra pay

    i need more $ for LV bags....
  11. Yess 30mins down. 1 more hour to go and OPENING PRESSIE time :yahoo: and munching on cookies and milk - technically they're for Mr Claus but i'm sure he won't mind. :p

    Everyone have an enjoyable holiday and bring out the booze :drinkup:

    mm whole week off for me till after NY's. (Did you read that John hehe *evil grin*) But if i could work on Chrissy, i would cos i could do with some extra *$chink chink$*
  12. Merry Christmas.....We still have 17 hours until Christmas Day.
  13. Yeah!
    My 500 Posts!!!
  14. merry christmas everyone! hahaha... cherry looks like you beat me to xmas wishes for everyone... I just posted mine then saw yours!

    poor you have to work on xmas day!!! where's your restaurant? (I'm assuming it's a restaurant???)
  15. Merry you have a hot Christmas in NZ?