Merry Christmas everyone!!


Princess Lee
Nov 6, 2006
hi everybody, i just wanted to to share my thoughts through out this time of being on the purse forum. i don't post much here, and from time to time i only submit threads which ask for the wonderful advices of you ladies here which kind of puts me to shame. i have to say, i feel quite intimidated, as most of you are so well educated and knowledgable interms of hermes products....and most of the time, i don't feel i can provide any sort of new information that you ladies wouldn't have already known. compared to a lot of you, i haven't joined tpf that long yet....but have gained so much knowledge and advices from you all, and i truly appreciate every bit of info i have received. on the special day, i'd like to say to you all....HAPPY HAPPY MARRY CHRISTMAS!! and hoping we all receive gifts that we want this season!! thanks again to all of you and i will try to post more often and share thoughts with all the lovely people here!!


Nov 23, 2006
Happy Christmas Sophia

was lovely of you to post this thread, please dont stay a stranger, there is an eclectic mix of people here
I for one am thick as a brick,
and have to work hard and save up for anything H
Thats what makes this forum such a postive place
so will be looking for more posts from you ,or I will come nag you