Merry Christmas everyone !!

  1. Happy holiday & happy new year !!
    Its a cold night in Singapore (25 Dec 2.45am).. :flowers:

    Wish all of us can get ur best christmas gift ever!! (Present from "LV" ??) :graucho:
  2. :party:YEAAAAAA, LV Christmas presents.
    I'm getting a Mono 35 Speedy
  3. Congrats !! Classic bag !!

    Me spend too much, so ONLY bought T&B cles for myself.. :flowers:
  4. Merry Christmas!
  5. Merry LV Christmas to everyone!!!
  6. Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I may not be getting anything LV, but I was able to give a Dentelle Speedy and wallet. I was a GREAT santa for my sister-in-law. We celebrated early since she flew off to spend Christmas with the in-laws.
  7. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!! A package from the SO came this morning from ELuxury...but Im waiting until he gets back in town so we can open our gifts together...its killing me though!!
  8. Merry Christmas!!
  9. What does the Cles look like?
  10. YAYYY! Happy XMAS to you too & everyone who has it as XMAS there now!!!!!!

    I'm so happy i can't wait to open that LV box with my name on eeeeet!!!!!!!

  11. Merry Christmas everyone!
    I hope you all have a fab day!
  12. Happy Holidays to all!

  13. oh yay! a package came from elux to our door too.....with my DH's name on it, he says it's NOT LV inside.... hee hee hee....but i think it is, i'll find out in the morning!

    i know i'm getting an iphone - finally..... i found out about it the night he ordered it for me as a christmas present.... he charged it on my CC!!!!! i was doing out bills online and the balance was totally off:confused1: - and there was a big charge from apple store!!!:nuts:
    he kept sayin "you'll LOVE your present~:heart:" and i kept my mouth shot for 3days the fact that i knew what i was getting...but i felt guilty and had to tell him that i knew~ lol he was too lazy to get up to get his own wallet for a different card to use, but instead, he used the one card i let him use one time and he was suppose to give it back to me......:sweatdrop:

    so he felt bad and ordered something else from elux. yay me~ but he used different CC and i don't know what's inside~ not a huge box though~~~~

    merry christmas to all of you~!!:love:
  14. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!
  15. Happy Holidays everyone!! :drinks: