Merino wool vs lambswool vs cashmere vs I'm confused

  1. So...I'm a newbie to Burberry but jumping right in.

    What is the real difference between when a scarf says lambswool or merino wool? I have a scarf 90% merino wool/10% cashmere.

    Also, is the price point typically different? (Kind of want to know if I got a good deal or not and just wanted to compare the regular prices)

    I know cashmere can cost much more than wool typically, but is that true for Burberry...and is the type of wool make a difference? Thank you!
  2. I hope I'm able to help you out with several questions you've had. (:
    First off, at Burberry, we have several types of scarves:
    - Cashmere wool.
    - Cashmere wool / (other) wool blend.
    - Cashmere wool / silk blend.
    - Silk.
    - Fur.

    Cashmere is wool collected from the Cashmere goat.
    Merino wool is wool that comes from the Merino sheep. It's ranked as one of the top tiers in wool quality. Weighs lighter than Cashmere wool.
    Lambswool is much more common and is collected during the first shearing of a lamb.
    Price points usually depends on the materials, pattern, length/thickness, the quality of the scarf and the softness and warmth (averaging at $325 - $950)
    Nearly each price is different, but some of the same styles range around $350.
  3. Thank you! So I guess it's safe to say, that unless there is a big sale, getting a new Burberry scarf (even if it is mixed blends) is a good deal for around $150. (I'm going to hope as much).

    I feel a little more in the know
  4. Absolutely, as long as you know its authentic! Burberry has had some of the seasonal scarves marked down quite heavily before during the end-of-season sale. Sadly, there's been speculation that it might not happen this year :cry:
  5. Wow thanks for the response on this post. I too often wondered the difference too. Just bought my first Burberry scarf, looking forward to wearing it :smile:
  6. I just found a burberry scarf at my local consignment store and whilst I have the 100% cashmere one at home, I found this one which definitely feels genuine but I'm not really sure if it is.

    Its large checks on one side and simple stripes on the other and the label looks almost identical to my other one except that it says "90% Merino Wool/10% Cashmere; Made in Scotland" as opposed to Made in London.

    Could you guys help me out? (:

    Thanks in advance!
  7. I suggest taking photos and asking at the Authenticate thread:

    I just purchased a scarf that is 90% wool/10% cashmere. So far I've loved it and I know it is authentic :smile:
  8. Hi. A photo would be helpful.

    But to answer you, we do have scarves that are wool / cashmere blend and the majority of our cashmere scarves are made in Scotland - we have one of the oldest mills in the UK. Even though our headquarters are located in London, doesn't specifically mean that our products are made there too. (:
  9. The above posters (and the Burberry employee?) are correct! My cashmere scarf is made in Scotland.. and actually none of my Burberry is made in London :/